Heavenly Hatchbacks: Small Yet Stylish Cars to Consider


Heavenly Hatchbacks: Small Yet Stylish Cars to Consider

Looking for a car that’s practical while being cheap to run, cute to look at and not too expensive to buy up front? Chances are, a hatchback will be for you. While five door styles are useful for families, you’re mainly in the car by yourself (perhaps to run errands, go shopping or go to work) then a three door hatchback will suit you perfectly. With their small engines you’ll spend less on fuel as well as insurance and all of the below models look smart too. Here are some examples of three door hatchbacks you could consider. 

Mini Cooper

The mini is iconic, it’s instantly recognisable and is popular for a reason. As well as looking the part they’re also reliable, while newer models can start getting pricey you can get some good deals on those that are a few years old. Whether you want something cute and pastel or something that’s a little racy looking in blue or red it’s a fab little hatchback to consider.


Vauxhall Corsa

Corsas are incredibly popular cars, as well as being reliable and nippy to drive they’re also at a reasonable price point. Whether you go with the new Vauxhall Corsa Energy or something a little older, you’re sure to find something for you. The smaller three door models make great first cars or the perfect vehicle if you don’t need tons of space, but unlike the other cars on this list you do have the option of five doors too.

Volkswagen Beetle

There have been three major design changes of VWs beetle over the years. From the classic original it moved onto the ‘New Beetle’- this cute shape with it’s vase and flower on the dashboard had a distinctly girly aesthetic. Ideal if you’re after something more feminine! The most recent design has taken it in a more sleek and sporty direction with an overall look that will suit both men and women. With three doors, a number of engine sizes and all kinds of colours you’re sure to find something that suits you. While the convertible models are cute, the standard hatchbacks are the best option if you want space since you get a full sized boot. Convertibles also tend to be a little more expensive to insure, and may require a more specialised insurer.


Fiat 500

There has been a boom in Fiat 500s in recent years, but there’s a reason it’s so well loved. As well as its gorgeous design it’s nippy to drive making it a great city car. The retro styled interior looks great, and the newer models are fitted with an inbuilt sat nav. The great thing about having a common car is that finding parts for repairs are easy, and garages will be used to finding and fixing faults since they see so many of them. This can make repairs quicker and cheaper for you.

Are you in the market for a new car? Which of these three door hatchbacks most appeals to you, and why?


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