Create A Luxurious Home For Half The Price


Everyone wants one of the homes that are in the fancy magazines. The ones that you think you’ll never be able to afford, houses and interiors like that are only for the rich and famous, right? Well, in fact, you’re wrong. There are tons of tips and tricks that can be done to transform your boring design into fabulous finess. So enough of the comparing and wishing your home could be like that – because now it can. And better yet, you don’t have to splash all of your cash when doing so, which will keep your bank account rather happy!

Here are some tricks, some more extravagant than others. Remember, cater to what you can afford, that way you’re never at risk of overspending and ending up with some nasty bills to pay. Do what your bank account allows you to do.

blue flowers on an old blue chair

Add flowers and greenery

Bringing in some mother nature and adding it to every room is a special element that is only appreciated once done. You won’t know how you ever managed without them because they really do bring in such life. Other than being visually stunning to look at – scent is one of our most powerful senses, so when entering a room and having your nose greeted by all these wonderful smells before you’ve even laid eyes on them – is truly wonderful. Have a look online at what the best types of flowers and plants are for inside your home. If you have a pretty impressive garden, you can even cut some fresh, and keep them in a pretty vase by the windowsill.

orangery interior



If you have a budget on the larger side of things, then one amazing feature that you can consider looking at is low orangery prices from There are so many styles to choose from, whether you’re into a bespoke or contemporary look, or maybe just prefer the traditional take on things. Regardless, there’s always something to cater to exactly what you want and need. Orangeries give your home an impressive look from the outside, and provide you with a lovely space to work with on the inside, giving you chance to create any kind of room you wish.

art for homesource


Something that doesn’t have to cost you anything – is personality. It’s all down to who you are and what impression you want to have running through your home. If you’re a creative one of sorts, then create some art for your place. This can be a large canvas painting that you hang on a bare wall as it’s feature, or you can paint your own mural in the bedroom. If you have any funky looking material that’s hidden away in boxes, get it out and make covers for your cushions, or even the sofa if you have enough! It doesn’t matter what it is; it should just reflect who you are. If you feel like painting your front door bright pink – do it!


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