Teaching your Children about Love and Marriage

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When it comes to teaching our children golden principles for them to keep lifelong, it can be difficult to know where to start. There is so much complexity to being an adult that pretending you know all the facts can be difficult to stomach. Still, there are a few lessons which are obvious and worth passing on, particularly those around marriage.
If you have children but are yet to remarry or marry for the first time, showing them how wonderful this process can be will help teach them the values and principles they should bring into this careful situation. Of course, there’s no need to put your young children aside for this, but if they’re of middle school age they might benefit from learning a few lessons. The lessons a child of this age will understand are:


Teach your child to see marriage as best friends coming together in love to spend their lives with one another. Emphasise the beauty of this friendship, and come from this angle. It shows that people in a marriage should always be willing to support each other, never to neglect each other, and always present for each other. While beautiful material goods such as wedding rings and bandscan be the icing on the cake, a marriage should be based on grounded principles, such as support, openness and honesty. Allow your child to understand that a marriage is like two people acting as one person. They should have a positive view on it from then on, and as they grow become less likely to fall victim to abusive or difficult relationships.


Being married does not always mean being joined at the hip. Let them know that they always have worth in themselves, and that if they can foster this the ability to feel loved, wholesome and ready for a mutual adventure. Marriage does not make the person, so it’s important to let them know this. However, two individuals coming together can make a very strong marriage, and this is important for your child to know. It should hopefully help prevent them from becoming co-dependant on anyone, and always taking care of themselves with a level and self-respect and self-love necessary.


Being married is like having a partner in crime, someone who can visit those locations you have always wanted to visit alongside you. It means crafting a fun, silly, secure and memorable story together. Let your child understand that marriage is like experiencing adventure with a companion you couldn’t do without. It means perceiving the world with another in a wholesome and grateful way. This should allow your child to see the utility in marriage, and how the right person who comes along should find their interests interesting themselves. This way they will begin to develop ideas of the mutual trust and respect necessary when getting married.

With these tips, you can be sure that your children are raised with healthy attitudes around the subject of marriage.



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    Regine Karpel
    January 28, 2018 / 2:13 pm


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    January 27, 2018 / 3:12 pm

    Yes-being married is like having a partner in crime–and rings true for many! lol I have always said that a married couple shouldn't be joined at the hip- it is good to have your own friends and things that you like to do that your partner has no, or limited, interest in. There is nothing like a good girlfriend that 'gets' you…so different than the way a partner reacts. Most men, I think, try to FIX IT-when sometimes all you want to do is vent. lolHave a great weekend, Happy! xo Diana

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