The 1950’s was an incredible period for interior design, a period which today many of us still love and enjoy. With some ideas of how to decorate, or even tweak your home, you can enjoy the stylish and gracious living which we all associate with this era.



This is first because when you think of this era, the 1950’s style chair is the first thing that pops into your mind. It is quintessential to this time period, almost anyone, if there saw one, could tell you what era it is from. Here are some examples of various designs. There a few reasons why you need to own a leather chair, but one of them is to capture that vintage look for your home. There are also modern styled chairs, if the old vintage look isn’t for you and you prefer new items, which combine that 1950’s vibe with a modern twist.

Whether you love bright happy colours, or subtle tones in your home, you can’t get away from the colours of this era. After the war, colour seemed to explode into people’s homes, so keeping this in mind can really help you to capture this particular look. This could simply mean getting new cushion covers to inject some life into your living room, painting some old furniture, or using some of your favourite fabric to make some kitchen curtains. Don’t forget the patterns too, combining both plain colours with patterns from this era will be sure to make your home look like a step back in time.

This was the heart of any home back then, and it still is today. If you wanted to make some major interior design changes, open planning would be the best move, as houses moved toward this kind of design in the 1950’s.

Or perhaps you could even invest in the classic big fridge, or deep kitchen sink. So many gadgets and products were introduced that every family wanted to get their hands on them, and there are lots of places that sell new but retro style kitchen appliances. Having these scattered about your kitchen will really make you feel you are living the lifestyle!


Another way to embrace this style, or to add a finishing touch to major changes to you interior design, is by getting some plates or ornaments. This can add the perfect retro feel to your home.  After sitting in your stylish leather furniture, walking through your colourful house, and then cooking in your retro kitchen, you can sit down to use your 1950’s tableware. This seems like the best finishing touch to the new interior design changes you’ve made to your home.


It is so much easier than you think to embrace the style of the 1950’s. From getting new pieces of furniture, to new kitchen appliances to play around with, or adding some colour to your home, it is just a brush stroke or a click away. It is about time we all enjoyed the 1950’s style of living Please share with us, any ideas you may have, in designing the Perfect 1950's modern interiors... Love Happy x

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