Fun Design Details For Your Period Property

Fun Design Details For Your Period Property.

If you’re lucky enough to live in a pre-war abode; your house is likely to be full of period character and charm, not to mention some high ceilings (unless you’re in a beautiful cottage; mind your head). If you love your interior design; you’ll probably be decorating to enhance and reflect your environment and the era your home was built. However, it’s often the little details that people can forget, and these can make all the difference. The following are some areas of your period property to consider and advice to help put the design details in for a considered and inviting space.

Fixtures And Fittings

Take a look at your light switches, radiators and ceiling lights, and see if they reflect the character and charm of your house and when it was built. If not; and you’re sick of a tired, plastic white switch or socket, it might be time to start changing a few things. Think about the finish of each item; swap the shiny white sheen for a brushed metal or a matte black. Little details like the style of a vintage light switch or socket can also enrich an interior space, and you’ll appreciate them every time you enter the room.

Consider changing your radiator for a traditional or industrial-styled alternative; for an authentic addition to your home, you can visit reclamation yards and invest in restoring some original pieces. If you’ve already invested in an original ceiling lamp or chandelier; add the finishing touch with candle bulbs or an Edison bulb as these will continue the theme of the room and won’t give off a cold light or stark, modern appearance. Door and window handles are another ideal way to bring a touch of vintage charm into an interior; again, second-hand and reclamation stores and websites will be full of old curios that just need a little care and attention to give them a new lease of life.


When you’ve spent so much time and effort on the permanent fixtures in your home; you don’t want to neglect the space with unconsidered decorations and interior accessories. The fun part of accessorising a space comes with the search; discovering items with a story behind them and giving them a new home is a satisfying way to fill up your property. Start by making an “essentials” list, like the furniture you need and any lamps, rugs, and cushions; then, you can begin to trawl vintage shops and online auction sites for the art, ornaments, and little trinkets that you can restore and that will inject your interior with charm and personality.

Do your research and look into the colours, patterns, and silhouettes that were popular at the time your property was built. Knowing and understanding what style of items you’re after will give you a head start when you’re at a car-boot sale, and your home will feel well-thought-out and tied together. However, remember that it’s your home, so if you see something you love; don’t be afraid to make it work in the space. A variety of modern items can fit into a period property seamlessly with some upholstery or a lick of paint, so get out there and start collecting!

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