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Prepare for Summer With These Fresh Party Ideas

Summer is on its way and with it comes a scorching hot sun and an excuse to get outside more. Parties are one of the most enjoyable ways to spend the summer. They can last from morning till night and with the blazing sun and a fresh breeze blowing, there’s nothing more enjoyable than hanging around with your friends and family in the great outdoors.
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Throwing a garden party is a great way to bring people together and enjoy the lovely weather that summer offers. However, a simple barbeque party is old, worn out and frankly a little boring. So to give you some fresh ideas, we’ve compiled a list of fantastic ways to spice up your next garden party. With some luck and a bit of planning, you’ll be the talk of the neighbourhood throughout autumn and winter and your guests will be looking forward to your next event.
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Hire some entertainment

There are many different types of entertainment that you can hire to make a fun garden party. For starters, you could try and hire a bouncy castle if there are children. It makes a great outdoor activity for the kids to play around with and it doesn’t cost much to hire either.,tipis-ou-tentes-de-jardin-ou-s-arrete-l-originalite,2610348,134801.asp

If you’re looking for something more suited to adults, then you can hire an event tipi. These large tent-like structures are perfect to take shelter from the sun. They’re large enough to host dancefloors, dining tables and even cooking equipment. They are rather big however, so make sure you have a large enough garden. If you don’t, consider making your own!...there are lots of ideas and 'How to's' on here and it would look so cosy and inviting for your guests.
Alternatively have you ever thought of having a home cinema at your is such a cool idea and a perfect one to keep the kids as well as the adults entertained...all you need is a white sheet or a plain white wall and a projector and your well on the way to creating the perfect garden party cinema...You could also show old slide pictures from your childhood, perfect nostalgia and a totally unique idea that will sure to get your friends talking about the event for many years to come!

Refresh your furniture

If a large garden party with lots of loud music and drinks isn’t your cup of tea, then there are still many ways to host a lovely garden party at home with your friends and family. But you aren’t going to have a successful garden party if your friends and family have to sit on plastic chairs that break easily and eat off a rocking table...(That's the norm in my house! lol!) So refresh your garden furniture and install some new appliances or devices into your garden to make it more pleasing to you and your guests...

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For starters, you could get a nice big garden shade. You need a place for your guests to take shelter from the sun so that they aren’t scorched by it for a long period of time. Next, replace those horrible plastic garden furniture pieces with real garden furniture. Get a nice side table, a garden sofa, some deck chairs and replace your old rusty grill so that you can cook up some wonderful food when your guests arrive.

Lastly, you should embrace the summer by styling your garden to fit the season. Get some garden lights so that you can continue enjoying the warm weather even at night, and replace your dead and nasty looking plants and flowers with new ones. You might want to hire a gardener to help you design it. A well-kempt lawn and some beautiful flowers will make all the difference and really set the mood for your garden party.

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