Our gardens are one of the most neglected spaces in our home. We don’t often tend to think of them as a space as such - more of a backup for when the summer months hit and we need to get outside to cool ourselves down, bask in the warmth and give the kids somewhere to run around. However, we need to be giving them a bit more attention - it’s only what they deserve.

We leave our gardens for months on end with not so much as a trim until we spend that week when the sun’s starting to stay in the sky for longer periods furiously mowing, sowing seeds and making sure that everything is up to scratch in the hope that you’ll catch a warm day soon. Keep on top of it throughout the year and you won’t have this mad dash - and it’s more simple than you think.
Mow Early
The last thing you want is for the grass in your garden to have grown to an unmanageable height! Eek! don't talk too soon! have you seen your grass out there! it's likely to break your mower. if you leave it any longer! So If you have a big garden that takes an absolute age to go around with a standard lawn mower, you could consider looking at something like Mountfield ride on mowers from Mowers Online to make the job easier and more appealing to you...Although I would personally love a ride on mower, I have settled for a Mountfield...I had heard lots of good reviews about them and purchased one last Spring...I can cut lines into my grass with ease!
Sow On Time
Different seeds have different sowing periods on them, and you want to make sure that you’re not planting them early or too late. Think about the flowers that you would want to see during the summer months in your garden. There are some which will only last for a short while, such as the sunflower, but others such as sweet peas will last for a good four months. It’s up to you to decide on what you want and what will go together; there may only be a period of a few days or a week where everything is blooming together and looks wonderful, so staggering out the sowing times across the period of the summer is the best thing to do to ensure that your garden constantly looks colourful and wonderful.
Buy Late
By buying late, this means at the end of the summer season ready for the next year. There are some absolute bargains to be had, especially in garden centres! This goes mainly for furniture, ornaments and, for the foodies out there, barbecues. As long as you have somewhere safe and dry to store it until the next year, you’ll have everything on hand that you need to keep yourself fully stocked up the following year. It’s the cheapest way to do things, and you won’t be scrabbling about the following summer spending more than you need to on stuff that you haven’t really thought about. The online sales usually start in September/October time with garden furniture, and you are more likely to find better deals on the internet than you are in store … so open up your web browser and get shopping! ...of course there is always the Bootsale's to purchase bargain plants...I love to buy my plants at our local one, as it is so much cheaper buying from the actual growers themselves! Have you any tips for creating a lovely Summer garden...if so?
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