Don’t Forget the Kitchen Sink This Spring

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Don’t Forget the Kitchen Sink This Spring…

The days are getting longer, and the sun is starting to rear its head a bit more often. Spring is on the horizon and moods are starting to lighten. Now is the perfect time to clean up and remodel our homes, and one room that should not be neglected is the kitchen. The heart of many homes, the kitchen is the one room where you can guarantee a good time, whether that be eating great food, enjoying a family get together or throwing a party for a special occasion. So, it is important that your kitchen space looks great, feels welcoming and functions well.

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If you are thinking about giving your kitchen a spring makeover, here are some tips to help you do the job well:


The easiest way to perk up your kitchen ready for the spring and summer months is to change up the décor. When you think of spring, you tend to think of bright, warm colours, pastel hues, and natural fibres. Simply painting your walls a nice shade of duck egg blue, grey or white can give the room and instant boost that makes it feel refreshed. If you don’t want to re-paint, consider bringing in some spring coloured accessories such as new appliances, jars, and artwork.

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Update Your Units

Updating your units can go a long way to making your kitchen feel brand new, especially if you trade in dark units for lighter ones. Choose lighter wood, or white, cream and pastel coloured units for a true spring feel….or if you are a trend setter opt for this dark grey look above and add pastel or white accessories! If you don’t have the budget for it, or are not interested in a full kitchen remodel, simply paint your units in the colour of your choice – just make sure you sand and prep them first.


Spring is the perfect time to get rid of any old and inefficient appliances, so if you have a kettle that takes an age to boil, a fridge that struggles to keep your foods fresh or a kitchen sink that’s lost its sparkle, take this opportunity to start a new in your kitchen and improve the style and convenience of your kitchen.

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Clean the Cooker

Of course, you don’t have to buy anything new or do any decorating to give your kitchen a spring makeover, a good dose of elbow grease can give you an equally spectacular transformation. Put your rubber gloves on, crack out the cleaning products and spend an afternoon cleaning all the grease and grime from your cooker, kitchen sink, cooking spaces and floor and your kitchen will look like a whole new room. Even if you’re good about cleaning your kitchen regularly, a surprising amount of dirt and grease can build up, so it is worth doing this before you consign anything in your kitchen to the scrap heap – it might just scrub up well.

Add Some Finishing Touches

A vase of daffodils, a plate of cupcakes or a nice painting, when placed in the kitchen, can make it feel much more homely and inviting, especially in spring. So, always add a few finishing touches to any kitchen makeover.

Happy Kitchen Dining my Lovelies xx

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