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Fathers Day Card Making Kit with Digital Scrapbook.

I have collaborated on this post with Digital Scrapbook to bring you a fun project…Making Father’s Day Cards.

When Father’s Day comes along, its nice to buy a card for him isn’t it!  So for those of you who have not bought a Father’s Day card, I thought I would make you up an Element pack for you to print, cut and add to a card blank.  This would be a fun thing to do with you’re kids if they are into crafting…or you can keep it for making other (personal) projects in the future.

free card making kit

Don’t forget to use sticky foam pads for dimension and other embellishments that you have in your craft stash!…You can get an idea of what I mean Over Here!

digital scrapbooking elements

Remember to right click on the images and save them to your computer or open them in a new tab and then save…Please let me know how you get on.

free card making kit free card making kit

Here’s a picture of what it could look like…Depending on what you use! I made mine to someone called Richard, but haven’t added names on the sheet…you can do that yourselves.

designer birthday card by happy harris


All scrapbooking elements were provided by Digital Scrapbook… so head on over to them HERE and read about the copyright and how to use the graphics properly! 


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