I Want to be Slim NOW and Other News

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I Want to be Slim NOW and Other News!

Hi there peeps! well I don’t know where last week went!  I was hoping to do a couple of posts, but I went over to visit my Mum for Easter and ate a load of things (naughty things! shhhhhh!) that really bloated me out and was all lathargic for the rest of the week! I just couldn’t focus to do anything much!…You know one of those weeks where you find yourself staring at the computer screen and all the pretty things around you…but not really seeing anything that inspires you to write something!  hence a lot of the week I spent snoozing on and off!

sleepy max the wonder dog

We seem to be quite good at that! probably where we are contented…Freddy taking a lot of tablets…makes him snooze on and off all day…Max where he is 14 in human years (is it 7 doggy years for every human year?) makes him a ripe ‘ole age of 98…which is good going for a little white westie…well you can imagine sleeps at every opportunity! he doesn’t need much prompting either!

I had been eating rather healthily, because really I would like to loose a lot of weight, and be slim Now but I think I am at that stage in life where it is not going to come off that easily!…it’s going to be a long hard slog! So at first I was so determined and now I am not so because for one eating the right food (although I felt great!) is not good on the bank balance!…(Yes David Cameron…You may mock us all for eating the wrong foods but on your wages you probably don’t notice that healthy food is expensive and unhealthy foods and snacks are actually quite cheap by comparison!) So it’s quite easy to slip back into bad habits…and two, my body is a temple (yes built like the size of one!) I have spent a lot of time and effort over the years to get it looking this way and when i decide that I want to be slim…! I WANT TO BE SLIM NOW!…with no amount of hard labour on my part…as afterall I don’t remember there being much effort getting my body to being this way! SO HELP! OMG! Is that me shouting out loudly! EeK!Herrr! Hmmm! Moving on! swiftly!

me, myself and i

Right! so you get my drift, on how I lost the plot last week and hardly anything got done apart from lots of chai latte drinking (you must try that stuff it’s gorgeous!) and a few too many Alpen Light bars got ate (the whole pack in one sitting!) (well they are only 70 calories each for God’s sake! ;)!)

…and Thirdly…my email addresses have all gone up the spout Grrr!I have been with Blueyonder for about 15 years now, but moving to this new house we could only have a BT and SKY package (don’t ask me why…something to do with the builders agreement!) so all week I have been trying out old email addresses and new ones…and being a bit older and craggy these days I have sent a gazzillion emails to just a few people…yep!  I have even sent a whole load to myself…thinking I was sending them to the other gazzillion people…OMG my brain is totally DEAD…and I am still not sure whether anything will work.!

happy Harris with brown hair

So my excuse is that…yes exactly that! I am too old for diets! I have no self control where counting calories are concerned…and my brain is dead from all this new tech!  OH GAWD! SERVICE WILL RESUME SHORTLY! LOL!  Do you ever get days like this? Or weeks like this…Come and share your idiosyncrasies with me…PLEASE 😉  I NEED ME SOME – ‘GET WITH THE PROGRAM’ GURL TALK!…

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