vintage pastel keys
The other day I had a brainwave...!

Now I am having to go out and about sourcing food for the family, purchasing gas and electricity etc etc...I have been having a problem with my keys! you see I have such a big bunch of them and I am always fumbling around at the front door trying to find which one to use...

pretty lace key necklace
We have a porch door and the main door and what with holding umpteen bags of shopping and trying to find the right key! proves to be a rather tedious job...with a lot of  'pardon my french' words being thrown into the said task!
 So being the genius that I am (lol) I have decided to paint my keys with nail varnish that I have purchased recently from Tesco, they have such a wide range of different brands and colours! I think I might paint a different colour for each key, or I might paint the letters of the said door on each key, so that I can see which is which in the dark...so say if it is the Porch Door...I will mark the key with PD and so on...I haven't done it yet...but though i would share the idea anyway!
And whilst looking on pinterest I found these rather delightful pictures above, which inspired me even more...you could really go to town painting keys, even the old ones look divine...perhaps tie them with pretty vintage ribbon and a tag for a cute Valentine gift or paint a key and add it too a card or make a picture ...ooh the list is endless! 

Have you had any bright ideas lately?
I'd love to hear from you ;)


Will Self-Driving Cars Make Us Bad Drivers?

vintage pink cadillac
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According to tech experts, self-driving cars are the future. However, despite the obvious benefits of having a car do the driving for you, a recent article by the Independent, 43% of people surveyed wouldn't trust a self-driving car.

Commissioned by uSwtich.com, the survey aimed to get the general public's reaction to the news that a small selection of self-driving cars are to be tested in four British cities in 2015. Although many people are intrigued by the latest technological developments, 16% of the people asked were "horrified" by the prospect of car having control of itself.
vintage blue cadillac
Since this seems to be one of the hottest topics of debate in the world of motoring at the moment, it raises the question: will self-driving cars make us bad drivers? Although I'm not an expert on how these self-driving cars will operate, I am a mother and it's made me think about the potential safety issues of having a car drive itself. 
vintage black cadillac
 At present the UK is one of the safest driving nations in Europe. Through a combination of driving theory and practical testing, strict vehicle safety standards (through MOTs) and a host of speed control measures, it's safer to drive in the UK than many countries in the EU.
Are Autonomous Cars Bad for the UK's Safety Reputation?
vintage red cadillac
However, could the proliferation of self-driving cars impact on this reputation? While some would say yes, simply because we'd be relinquishing control to a computer; others would say no. Although a car may be able to drive itself, we will still need to know how to drive.

For example, a commercial airline pilot has to go through a strict training routine in order to gain their licence to fly a plane. Yet, when the pilot actually takes to the skies, much of the flying is done automatically.
vintage pink cadillac
The same will likely be true for self-driving cars. If a driver doesn't know basic driving theory or how to react to certain conditions then it will be a disaster. However, if the person sitting in a self-driving car knows how to drive a manual car then everything should be ok? Right? 
red cadillac bonhams
In my opinion, it seems inevitable that cars will become at least semi-autonomous in the next few years. Would I trust myself or a member of my family in one? Not yet. Although the UK is a great place to drive, I don't think we're quite ready as a society to give over control of such a powerful machine to a computer but I wouldn't bet against that changing within the next decade....

...and car techy guys..If you are gonna design a space type car for these new self drive vehicles! please bare in mind us retro gals! and please design something more in line with these vintage cadillacs above...ooh I could just be persuaded to buy a self driven car, if it looked like one of these!


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