Will Self-Driving Cars Make Us Bad Drivers?

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According to tech experts, self-driving cars are the future. However,
despite the obvious benefits of having a car do the driving for you, a recent article by the Independent, 43% of people surveyed wouldn’t trust a
self-driving car.

Commissioned by uSwtich.com, the survey aimed to get the general public’s
reaction to the news that a small selection of self-driving cars are to be
tested in four British cities in 2015. Although many people are intrigued by
the latest technological developments, 16% of the people asked were “horrified
by the prospect of car having control of itself.

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Since this seems to be one of the hottest topics of debate in the world of motoring at the moment, it raises the question: will self-driving cars make us bad drivers? Although I’m not an expert on how these self-driving cars will operate, I am a mother and it’s made me think about the potential safety issues of having a car drive itself. 

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 At present the UK is one of the safest driving nations in Europe. Through a combination of driving theory and practical testing, strict vehicle safety standards (through MOTs) and a host of speed control measures, it’s safer to drive in the UK than many countries in the EU.
Are Autonomous Cars Bad for the UK’s Safety Reputation?

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However, could the proliferation of self-driving cars impact on this reputation? While some would say yes, simply because we’d be relinquishing control to a computer; others would say no. Although a car may be able to drive itself, we will still need to know how to drive.

For example, a commercial airline pilot has to go through a strict training routine in order to gain their licence to fly a plane. Yet, when the pilot actually takes to the skies, much of the flying is done automatically.

vintage pink cadillac

The same will likely be true for self-driving cars. If a driver doesn’t know basic driving theory or how to react to certain conditions then it will be a disaster. However, if the person sitting in a self-driving car knows how to drive a manual car then everything should be ok? Right? 

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In my opinion, it seems inevitable that cars will become at least
semi-autonomous in the next few years. Would I trust myself or a member of my
family in one? Not yet. Although the UK is a great place to drive, I don’t
think we’re quite ready as a society to give over control of such a powerful
machine to a computer but I wouldn’t bet against that changing within the next

…and car techy guys..If you are gonna design a space type car for these new self drive vehicles! please bare in mind us retro gals! and please design something more in line with these vintage cadillacs above…ooh I could just be persuaded to buy a self driven car, if it looked like one of these!



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