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Retro Style is interesting, vibrant, and central to my karma!

However Retro is not just a look or feel!
It can also be a longing for simplicity and a more concise life.

retro bathing beauties

Modern computer games may look ultra-realistic with blood and gore dripping from the screen, but do gamers secretly desire a push left/push right game like Pac Man chasing the oddly coloured ghost? (I do :))


 Pinball can now be played online both for fun and also for more serious prizes, but I recall the days self-consciously asking the guy behind the bar for a 20p piece from my £10 note….sometimes getting away with it and sometimes having to buy a coke or a packet of crisps, just to get change for the machine…yes my lovelies…back in the day, when snakebites, campari and lemonade were popular…oh and don’t forget the good ‘ole pork scratchings lol!

vintage coca cola sign

…and then there is Bingo…oh yes that good ole game that when we were younger we used to joke about how it was only for pensioners freshly dressed with a blue rinse armed with their dabbers to enjoy their evening out!

blue hair


Bingo though, these days is a game that has also migrated to online, where instant prizes like the bonus are up for grabs and your dabber doesn’t run out of ink! 

Living retro in your everyday life doesn’t just mean buying Sega Megadrives at car boot sales, it can also represent a shift to a simpler life before smart phones, Instagram and Skype….Oh those where the days!


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