BLOG HELP REQUIRED – what should I do?

blog help required

OMG I have gone and done it again! tittering about with my blog…I have gone and messed it up somewhere around the bottom…I want a new template design you see and was having a little look around the internet…when I found a really cool one…so I uploaded it myself…forgetting that I am not very good these days with remembering what I am doing day to day! let alone trying to do this myself!So I have gone and completely messed up!still I am not stressing yet…No pain no gain aye!So watch this space…hopefully I wont delete it altogether…Oh Gawd…I think I need me some help?

So do Excuse the mess whilst I am trying out new styles on my blog
the distruptiion I am sure will be over shortly…EeK!

Any suggestions for sticking it all back together?

Or are there any of you out there that have done the same thing?


SORTED! I think I have got it all back to normal now – apart from a few bits and bobs!…Now do I really want to do all of that scary stuff again? Hmmm! me thinks not lol…well not for a while anyways!




  1. Rebecca at Chippy White Cottage
    13th October 2015 / 2:54 am

    It is still looking good to me! I have messed mine up before too and it's frustrating!

    • Happy Harris
      13th October 2015 / 12:57 pm

      Thanks Rebecca, I have sorted it all out myself…which is more of a surprise to me, because I didnt think I still had it in me…for the other bits i cant do… I am employing someone…I think that might be safer lol xx Thanks for leaving a comment xxx

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