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I have decided to update my FREEBIES page…long gone are the little bits of art that you can add to your blog side panels with code…they seem to be so LAST CENTURY…lol!

I have decided, for now anyway, to add at least 10 interesting pieces of graphics for you to take and use in your art or on your blogs etc. each week.

Have a look THERE nowI have added some blog headers and rose graphics with some old vintage postcard backs..there is instructions on how to use them on the page too.Come on over to Happy’s every couple of days to see what I have uploaded for you…and if you want to add your blog title to one of the blog banners…you can easily use GIMP…this is a free photo editing suite without all the fuss of purchasing photoshop!



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    Beatrice Euphemie
    6th October 2015 / 9:21 pm

    Thank you – these are wonderful! xx Karen

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