Open Plan Living and Laminate Flooring

With our pending move, I have been looking at a lot of new ways to decorate….and something that tempts me very much is all this open plan living milarkie, the thought of having a kitchen and living area all in an open space really appeals to me…especially as well, that my hubby is in a wheelchair now, permanently!…so getting around for him will be so much easier, no nasty doors to tackle!

I have also been having a look around for laminate flooring hoping desperately to find a place that has it already, but also checking out the latest trends in colours…I suppose I would pick a lighter flooring as I am a fan of the white wall look, so bleached floors seem so much more apealing to me…

 Decorating with our pretty french enamel and english rose pictures is something that I am looking forwards too…overcluttering this cottage is going to be a thing of the past for the Happy Harris’s!  We are hoping to find a bright and light home and decorate with a few pretty things…you know, so that you can see them…not so that they are all buried behind a cornucopia of clutter!

They more clutter I get rid of the better I am feeling…my head does not seem to be so fuggled! I have started to imagine myself in a whitewashed studio creating and making items for our new home…new fresh ideas that have come from a de-fuggled brain!

Oh yes I am loving the idea of open planned, white walls and the laminated flooring look!

I just hope we can find that place sooner rather than later!

Are you  fan of Open Plan Living and Laminated Fooring?
Do share your decorating Loves with us!

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