More Lovely Bedding from BHS

 happy loves BHS picnic patch
picnic patchI just can't help myself...
happy loves BHS multi elsie
multi elsie
I went on the BHS (British Home Store's) website again....only to find out that they had reduced 2 of my favourite kingsize bedding sets from £44.00 to £27.50!

Well what is a gal to do!

Buy them of course! lol!
I think I have a BHS Bedding Habit!

I'll have to pop into Rehab soon EeK!

...don't forget to check out their Columbia Road section too!


Where do I Buy all my Pretties...


Hello again my lovely followers...Since I posted about my newly decorated bedroom, I have had a lot of emails asking me where I got my bedding from, so I thought I would take a few extra pictures and let you into my little secret of where I find the perfect prettiest bedding these days!

beautiful bedding

Have you guessed yet?

Yes it's BHS!...I absolutely love this shop...Infact I have bought all my bedding of late from them, I have bought 4 duvet sets since Christmas...they are so pretty and very reasonable.

I never intended on buying from them, but I was so fed up waiting for Cath Kidston to bring out some pretty new sets, so I starting shopping around online and came across the BHS website...they have lovely Homewares on their site and I was smitten, so everytime I get a bit of spare money I tend to buy another duvet set!

happy shabby bedroom

Ha! so much for my decluttering ay! I have even bought some lovely fluffy pillows from them and the darling cotton eiderdown throw that you see in these has the cutest little rosies on it and is a perfect cover up for when my arms get a little chilly in the night.

bedding by BHS

Have you discovered a wonderful shop lately that you would like to share with us all?

Bye for now,

Some of the links might be out of date as BHS has now shut down! which was such a disappointment to us all in Blighty...I loved buying my homewares there!


peeling planks wallpaper mineral

Well here we finally are....yes I have been decorating my bedroom now since January...It's taken me an age, because someday's I have been too busy, someday's I have been too tired and someday's I just couldn't be bothered...but at last I can now show you the pictures of the finished result!

clarke and clarke peeling planks wallpaper

I had been looking for the perfect wallpaper for a while, usually I like plain white walls but I wanted to try something a bit different for a when I saw this Peeling Planks wallpaper by Clarke and Clarke I just had to have it!

happy loves rosie peeling planks happy style

This bedroom is to be my very own, as now we have all changed again and my Hubby has his artist studio and bed in the dining room...the actual moving of furniture all about the place has really worn me out...I think that is why it has taken me so long to decorate the bedroom, It's like I have moved house...only we are still living in it! 

clarke and clarke and happy loves rosie

I wasn't sure how the wallpaper was going to match up with my kind of decor, as the limited pictures that were about at the time, just featured plain furnishings! but you know lil 'ole me...I like a challenge and I went for it anyway!

peeling planks wallpaper mineral

I also hung the wallpaper horizontal rather than verticle, as I like the beach hut feel to it.  This is my first attempt at wallpapering a whole room and although it was challenging, (there are lots of mistakes! don't look too hard!) I did it, so if you are thinking of wallpapering yourselves, try it! If I can do it, I am sure you can too!

enamel rose bouquet and peeling planks mineral wallpaper

My next room to decorate will be the spare bedroom, I have bought lots of things for it, and have it all planned out in my head...I am aiming for a guest/craft room style in there...thing is I have put so many unwanted things in there, I'm going to have to clear it all before I begin...but i will keep you posted.

rockabilly voodoo vixen dress
PS...if you are thinking of buying this wallpaper, it is not as brown as it looks in some of the pictures, photo editing suite insisted on bringing out the brown more, instead of the lovely pale blues in some of the colour representation is pic2, pic4 and pic6.

 Have you been decorating lately? and if so what room have you been decorating?
Have you tried wallpapering? how did it go?

Bye for now,


 vintage easer salutation

vintage easter postcard

vintage easter postcard

Better late then never..but I wish all my Friends and Family a truely wonderful Easter.
You'll be hearing more from me keep watching out for me :)