jenni sparks hand drawn paris map
 I am loving the work of Jenni Sparks...I have been looking for a radical timeless piece of art for a while now, I intend on decorating my spare bedroom, making it into a guest/craft room and this 

jenni sparks logo
hand drawn map of Paris is just the piece I need to hang on the wall in there!
jenni sparks hand drawn paris map
Her attention to detail is phenomenal...Freddy and I have been to Paris many times, we love the place...we are totally in love with France, so this was definitely the art work for me!
jenni sparks hand drawn paris
Jenni has had many commissions, from designing album covers to working with magazines...
She is off on her travels at the moment, probably to get more inspirations for her work, but in the meantime if you want to purchase one of her prints for yourself head over HERE

jenni sparks hand drawn paris
She has drawn many other maps too, even one of London!
...and check out this adorable caravan piece!
jenni sparks caravan print
You can read all about that over HERE

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