Valentine Love is in the Air

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Valentine Love is in the Air.

 What with Valentines Day fast approaching romance is definitely in the air, whether you are planning on surprising someone with a ‘guess who’ card, going out on a date….or having a quiet night in with champagne and a box of chocolates, romance is definitely on the menu!

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Personally I like nothing better than to be surprised by my hubby…and in the past he has done exactly that…when we were younger he was always surprising me on Valentines Day…apart from the fact that we actually met on the said day on a blind date, on TV, at Stringfellows Nightclub in the West End… (not to be confused with the now lap dancing club! it was just a disco back then! a million years ago! )…he sent me home on the wrong bus so that he could be with me longer lol! and that was a total surprise! especially when a friend that I went there with and myself ended up in Becontree Heath and not Chadwell Heath lol!
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He has also surprised me with trips to Paris ( I love that place!) Bouquets of flowers…(it has to be red roses on Valentines day every time)! he has cooked me meals and treated me to Spa’s…he is a real romantic! This year we will be celebrating our 29th year together since we met…it will just be a meal at home, but we will make it special…he will have a new wheelchair by then so at least we can sit at the table together ♥♥♥

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If he was more mobile, we might of gone to see the new film ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ I have not read the books at all, but I am a little curious as to what all the fuss is about!…I was googling it the other day when I came across this brilliant competition run by Carpet Right & Sleep Right Beds.  In order to celebrate the launch of the film they are offering you the chance to win a brand new Sealy Ultimate Support Mattress (in grey!) (Cheeky! ;)) and some luxury bed linen from The Secret Linen Store! Now I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a good competition to enter to me!

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Mind you…reading all the paraphernalia about it…I don’t think our blood pressure could take all the raunchiness lol! so perhaps it’s best that we don’t actually see it…I shall rely on all of you to tell me the best bits 😉
Anyways have you read any of the books? and if so what did you think of them?
What will you be doing this Valentines Day?…and
Have you got any ideas to make the day a little different?

Speak soon my lovelies.
Have a great week.


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