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My Artist of the Week is the lovely ...

Fiona Maclean is an Artist and Painter originally from NZ and living in Australia.

Fiona's work has been described as "hauntingly beautiful and that her portraits have traces of glamour and intrigue beneath their honesty. Her subjects are intensely engaging extracting and translating fragments of secrets of the soul."

As an Artist I'm fascinated by the fleetingness of youth, beauty and sexuality and the elusiveness of these particular elements, trying to capture those elements within my portraits and figurative work. Always curious to discover whom the subject is behind the fa├žade, trying to get to the essence of the person, breathing and bringing to life the portrait or figure. Trying to capture their sexuality, their beauty, and who they are. Evoking an element of ‘drama’ to the subject where the viewer can ‘draw their own conclusions to what this person’s ‘story’ maybe. Working from life but mostly from photographs as reference. Often using Acrylics like a watercolour and sometimes combining acrylics and oils.
Fiona's paintings hang in private collections and appear in International publications

Please do check her out over HERE and HERE.

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