shabby old green door
I was looking on you do! and started to pin a theme, without realising it!...a theme on windows and doors in their right surroundings and some a little more ad hoc!

decoupaged interior panelled door
What a lovely way to decorate your home, than to add a decoupaged door just to prop along a wall, thinking outside the box can be so rewarding just to sit back and look at your creation!pink door
Or why not paint your front door with an eccentric in this picture many doors are so plain these days, what with the popularity of UPVC, you can easily source a nice bright colour to paint your door and stand out from the crowd in your street!
 old antiqued doors
...and how beautiful are these doors, looking like they have aged a treat, but a treatment that can be easily replicated with a little time and hard work...and check out those beautiful antique lace panels!
aqua door table
I suppose the reason why I started looking at windows and doors, is because someone left an old door outside our side gate last week...infact I nearly caught them in the act! and made a point of taking down their number plate...It was a very nice one and despite the fact that the decluttering is supposed to be well under way now and actually nearly finished...its is not!
shabby white door propped
I am still adding to my wares in ways that really I shouldn't be! and in my mind, I was thinking that I would go and get it from my side entrance and make something of it! but alas, it was not meant to be! Somebody else had obviously decided it was theirs and had beaten me to it! either that or the guy that dumped it saw me taking down his number plate and came back for it!

Oh well never least I have all these lovely ideas in my head now for when the opportunity arises again which I am sure it will ;D

Bye for now my lovelies

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