Habitat Sofa Love

habitat natalie sofa
I am loving the new sofa’s that are available currently at Habitat, as usual they have drop dead gorgeous contemporary designs, like this Red Natalie sofa above, but with all the comfort that you would ever need!…It looks like we are going to have to move house in the new year, so I have been having a look on their website, collating ideas of what I would like for our next home…

habitat Barington sofa

I feel this house that we live in at the moment, has, of late, been a very unlucky house and we need a change…I will be looking out for a nice light property next, because a lighter home is better for the soul, especially in winter with the dark nights drawing in so early in the afternoon, it pays to have a little more light streaming in when the days are short. …This Barington linen sofa above looks so cosy with oodles of comfy cushions…and the perfect palette to add any colour combination.

 habitat Hendricks sofa

 …and look at these sofa room sets, (featuring the Hendricks settee above) the light really sets off the furniture…ok so, we all know what I am like…if I had a lovely light room, I would not be able to leave it this blank, I would have to fill it out with all my clutter…but being that the de-cluttering at the happy house is now at a dead end! perhaps a new move would sort everything out once and for all, because a move is the ultimate de-clutter don’t you think!

habitat sedgewick sofa

 I have had white sofa’s for ages now, but if we were to move into a lighter property, I could choose something a little darker that would be more hard wearing like the sedgewick above…I love the contemporary styling of this room…I have recently bought some brick wallpaper, which I feel would work quite well with a vintage french/modern look…

habitat 2014 grey sofa

These Habitat pictures have really inspired me and I will be adding them to my ‘new home’ scrapbook along with many other new and interesting ideas…Habitat have always inspired me in one way or another…


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