balloon dipped pumpkins
Awesome Pumpkin Halloween Decor.

Us Brit’s…well we don’t really decorate for Halloween like our friends from across the pond do…Ok, yes it is getting more popular with The Trick and Treating…but in general we tend not to decorate the whole house from the beginning of October…
spooky cushion and pumpkin
…But just look on Pinterest or Flickr and you will see many people do…so I have searched around to bring you here some of my favourite and colourful peep’s that do indeedy decorate for the whole month.

primary coloured painted pumpkins

hahaha! You all know me by now…what are my most ‘NO CAN DO’ colours???
YEP! Orange and Mauve! So as you can imagine it has been very difficult for me to find these pictures…there just aren’t any…but the one’s I have found here, I just love!

decoupaged pumpkins


Mixed with the other bright colours…makes me kinda love orange…only in small doses though! I so love the idea of painting pumpkins…I s’pose people have been painting them for years…but being that I have been out of touch with all this milarkie, being that my children are adults…all we did back then was chop the daylights out of them…making scary faces and all!

bright painted pumpkins


The idea of painting or decoupaging them is so much more imaginative…

decoupaged pumpkins tissue covered pumpkins

I remember back when I was about 6 years old, my school had a scary cellar that smelt of parafin and some of us kids decided to go down there one night, It was a Halloween night, the school was holding a spooky theatre production….but the memory is kind of fuzzy…but anyway, we all got spooked by the caretaker coming down there and telling us off…the fear in my little brain coupled with the smell of that parafin….{shiver} still makes my heart skip a beat when I smell parafin these days…even at my ripe old age of 28 38 forty something!

Brrrrr! Is it me…or is it getting cold in here!

skull and roses wreath

Perhaps that is the reason, why I don’t like orange!…I don’t know…it’s funny isn’t it the things that you remember…especially when you hear a song or smell and smell…memories come flooding back dont they! weird!

halloween costume ghosts


I have provided the sources to all these beautiful pictures…plenty of talented people behind them, lots of inspiration for you all..and perhaps you will want to decorate your houses a little bit sooner, because with ideas like these….who wouldn’t!

rose bowl pumpkins cake plate pumpkins


…and please if any of you lovely people that read my blog, have indeed decorated your home in this lovely and bright way for this Autumn season…please do let me know…I would love to feature your house this month.
Tell me! Do you Decorate your home for the Autumn?

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