We Were So Rock and Roll

We Were So Rock and Roll

I thought I would be able to keep quiet until September…but I cant keep my mouth shut for long so here I am back sooner rather than later!…
Things have been rather busy here for me lately…I have had a major clear out and taken a lot of items to the Boot Sale…this place still looks rather cluttered though…but it is not as bad as it was and at least now I have a few empty cupboards to fill up!

It was rather funny actually…I took Fred with me to the Boot Sale so that I could have some company, he cant lift anything that heavy because of his bad health, but I love being with him so I made him sit in the van, while I put all the stuff out and to be honest it did take me quite a few hours…but I got there in the end…I loved being there…all the old banter we had with the people was a nice change….but we knew we probably wouldn’t be doing another market again, so at about 11 am, we asked the lady selling opposite us (she is a regular at the boot sale) if she would like to have all of our stall including the tables, so that we could just drive out and be finished!

How Rock and Roll we were!

…and of course she agreed! All the sellers in our row were smiling and laughing, especially as she came over and shouted to her friend that they had now got our stall as well!We had heard her saying earlier, on the phone that she didn’t think she would be taking the £25.00 that she owed her friend…so hopefully, what with our stall and all our clutter, she would be able to take more money to help her out a bit!

Although we had sold quite a bit of stuff there was still curtains, a headboard, clothes, records and plenty of foreign ornaments…you know the kind I like lol! (Freddy hates ’em!) I am sure a few got shnuck in there that I didn’t want to sell…but once you are at the boot fair you seem to resign yourself to the fact that everything must go don’t you!

 We was thinking of donating it all to Charity after the sale…but I am glad that we did this, to be able to help someone out like that, made me feel really good!

As long as I don’t go back to the Boot Fair and start buying it all back! I should be clutter free for a while ;)!

Bye for now my lovelies x



  1. sky-blu-pink
    13th August 2014 / 9:59 pm

    Looks like everyone was a winner!

  2. Katie Bedlow
    13th August 2014 / 5:12 pm

    Goodness me I wish I'd been at that car boot! I'm sure I would have bought half your stall!! 😉 I think donating to charity at the end is such a good idea, I will give it a go soon!

  3. Happy Harris
    13th August 2014 / 12:55 pm

    Hi Holly, it feels so good doesn't it! the lady that we gave all of our things too, said that she would donate everything that she didn't want to Charity too…so we sort of doubled up on the Love 😉 My mind feels a lot clearer now…a little less clutter in da house…Rocks! xx

  4. Holly Nelson @ English Girl Canadian Man
    13th August 2014 / 1:29 am

    I love car booting, I always give the leftovers to charity at the end too!

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