June Haver and Betty Grable, 1945

June Haver and Betty Grable, 1945 

I happen to use a lot of bobby pins, what with my hairstyle and all, whether I am wearing a quiff or creating my victory rolls…a bobby pin is never too far away from my reach…Having said all that, the worst thing about these clever little grips…is that they seem to be scattered all over the place and especially on the floor!…wherever I go, there is a trail of grips behind me!  So whilst gathering them all up and placing them on the table next to where I blog…I thought to myself…i wonder how I could store these a bit better! so I have found these brilliant ideas that I thought would be good to share with you…

bobby pin magnetic strip holder


This is such a cool idea…attaching a magnetic strip to your wall or perhaps on the inside of the drawer or under a table…hopefully the magnetism will pull them up off the carpet to save you the job! 😉

bobby pin handmade earrings


Or what about making them into these cute earrings or the divine necklace below…such original ideas, for which I am sure you would get a lot of comments from your friends and family! and you will never be without one if you are out and about….!

bobby pin handmade necklace


green bobby pin tic tac holder


Now here’s a nifty storage solution and a great excuse to go and eat a lot of TIC TAC’s, especially if you have a lot of pins…you could even get your nail varnish out and paint them in shades of green like this clever idea above!…You could have a box for different colours…great fun! get the kids involved! oh perhaps not little kids! they might eat them! (the grips not the tic tacs)

pretty hairstyle full of clips and bobby pins


Or how about, as and when you find them, just sticking them in your hair, like so! (above)

retro vintage magazine advert for hoover

Just whatever happens DO NOT try and hoover them up!

Because no matter how much you try…

Even if you sweep over them 100 times!

You will always have to bend down and pick them up in the end!

You soooooo know it! 😉

Have you got any good tips for bobby pin storage?


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