We’ll the weekend is here and I havn’t planned to do much!..I am just going to sit in our lovely vintage caravan and make stuff!

I have wanted to get creative all week, but have been busy doing other stuff…so I cant wait to get in there and spend some time to myself…thats the thing about being in the Holi…its like you are on your holidays… 😀 …and it feels all snugly and warm…if you know what I mean….kinda like Glamping.

….You can read books to get some Inspiration!

..You can look around at the funky decor….!

Make a cup of Earl Grey!

You can even have a sleep if you start to get tired!

..You can stare for hours at the pretty plants and watch the funny little gnome staring right back at ya! 😀

….And you can spend the whole weekend filling up your Moleskine books ( these are freds…he’s a scrapbooker of the SERIOUS kind 😀 )

Bliss eh! Have a great weekend too gals 🙂

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