Travelling is most definitely no longer only for students and backpackers.
It’s very possible for everyone, from parents with young children to
professionals taking a break from their busy lives, to spend some time
travelling around some of the best and most beautiful destinations in the

If you’ve ever wanted to indulge your wanderlust then I’ve come up with some
destinations you may not have considered. Find out how you could travel in style
and comfort, without breaking the bank. Sometimes we all have that urge to shake
off the shackles of everyday life, after all.


There’s a reason why people flock over to the Antipodes. The romance of being
so very far away is part of it, I’m sure, as is the beautiful scenery and huge
expanses to explore. There are plenty of ways to get around Australia, depending
on your budget – from self drive city to city to cross country buses or going by
train. However you explore Australia, make sure you visit the iconic cities and
sights that we all know from films, books and media. From Uluru to Sydney Opera
House, there are amazing sights to be explored.

And with a beach culture that’s completely different to anything in Europe,
there are some gorgeous beaches to explore. Most of them are deserted thanks to
the sheer size of a country that has a coastline stretching 37,000 km and more
than 11,000 beaches.

As 85% of the Australian population live within an hour of the coast, you
won’t be short of places to stay on the seafront and there is the outback to
explore if you’re feeling brave enough. It’s a good idea to do some research
first and work out a safe way to travel through the outback for a once in a
lifetime experience.

All of this and a culture that’s familiar enough for you to relax and enjoy
your adventure.


If you’re looking for more of a culture shock, then the Far East could be a
better choice for your travelling adventure. Whether you have the budget to
travel in style with bookings at top hotels along the way, or you’d prefer to do
it the old fashioned way and chance the local hostels, Thailand has something
for every traveller on every budget.

Cheap flights to Thailand are also pretty easy to find, so it’s worth doing some research while planning.
Thailand is the perfect gateway to the Far East, with its tourist and traveller
friendly atmosphere, exotic culture, gorgeous history and beautiful beaches. All
human life is here, as well as golden beaches and extremely friendly locals,
just ready and waiting to help you have the best travelling experience
It’s a real paradise – you can dive with sharks in Ko Tao, kiteboard in Hua
Hin, visit a health spa in Ko Samui, discover the craziness of Bangkok and the
Koh San Road. The flipside of the adventure sports and beaches are the temples
and golden Buddhas that can be found everywhere. You can try meditation in
Chiang Mai, take part in a religious festival in north east Thailand or visit
the cave shrines in Kanchanaburi. No matter what takes you to Thailand, you are bound to have an adventure that
you will always remember.

Of course, Thailand and Australia are by no means the only options for your
great travelling adventure – there’s a whole world out there to enjoy!

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  1. pembrokeshire lass
    1st September 2013 / 8:11 am

    Sorry. It was these not gese but my lovely iPad wouldn't let me correct its predictive words Joan

  2. pembrokeshire lass
    1st September 2013 / 8:10 am

    Yes. That certainly bears thinking about. We haven't been abroad for a few years and, I have to admit, recently I've felt like travelling again! Love the old postcards. I so remember looking through some like gese on a rainy day at the seaside. Joan

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