Happy Bank Holiday Pictures

I hope you liked my Happy Bank Holiday Pictures…

I just thought I would add a little bit of sunshine to the Bank Holiday weekend…

How dreary is it out there ay! I wanted to go to a few booties today, but the weather outside is awful!! I haven’t enjoyed the heat too much but I don’t like the idea of rain and especially not on a Sunday morning…!

Anyway! it is supposed to be lovely tomorrow so hopefully I’ll be able to wander about till my heart is content :D…What are you doing this weekend my lovelies? I hope no-one is out there camping!

Happy Bank Holidays…


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  1. itomkinson@comcast.net
    29th August 2013 / 3:43 pm

    Rosie, I just LOVE your site and camper. You bring sunshine to my screen. Thank you for the bright light You are. Blessings Irene http://www.irenetomkinson.com author: Not Like My Mother (A bit of a rough story with a happy ending)

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