I have been thinking a lot lately about saving for a rainy day...My Mum and Dad did...My Nan and Grandad also did...but my generation, well saving seems to be the last thing on our minds don't you think!

Most of you know I have been feeling very grumpy and under the weather lately, things have happened in my life that I am not that Cool about and I have been descending into a downward spiral...so I thought I would try and save a bit as a kind of security blanket, for if I ever hit the bottom!

Life can just be so difficult and what with the rotten weather that we have been having this summer...it really doesn't help...so I have been thinking about a long term plan...something to look forward too...so I have decided to save some money up in an ISA...this is something I have never done before, as I have never really been a saver...

So 'The Plan' is to save up and leave my money in the ISA for a few years and hopefully I will have enough money to visit my lovely friends in America, where we can spend all day drinking tea and eating Pink Iced Fairy Cakes lol :D

That will definitely be something to look forward too and cheer me up no end :D

How do you manage to save a bit of money and what do you spend it on?

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  1. Saving is a good thing to do, even if it is a little difficult. I saved while I worked but now I am going to splurge and have a little verandah built on the back of our house. Away from noise and traffic and the hot sun where I can sit back and enjoy my retirement!

  2. I'm so sorry to think things are tricky at the moment. You deserve only good things. You've been so much on my mind lately...I've had to close my lovely little shop and the hardest part was seeing your beautiful sign coming down! Your design made the salon exactly right. :( xxxxx

  3. Please do come visit! Just pretend you have another bill each month and pay it right off the top before you do anything else. Then when you have enough set aside you can invest in your ISA. I hope you save tons so you can travel and have fun. We both need a vacation!!

  4. I'm not that good at saving but we did put some money in ISAs. Apart from this our money seems to get gobbled up! I do hope you're feeling a little brighter soon. Joan

  5. So sorry things are not bright right now, but things must surely perk up soon. I love your savings plan, and wouldn't it be grand to have you in America for a bit. I'll make the pink fairy cakes!

  6. I do save a bit but as soon as there is a little nest egg something hits the fan. This time it was the bearing on the van.
    We are always thankful that there is the little nest egg to rob.
    Where would you visit when you do come to America? I am in Southern California.
    Cheer up, life is good if we don't weaken.



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