Ironing Done!

I just thought I would let you know...I have 'finitoed' (is that a word!) the Ironing!
A lovely cool day (still had to have a fan on me though! ;))
and I have actually finshed! Woo Hoo! 
It only took about 5 hours lol!


The Paralympics Opening Ceromony

Good Luck to all The wonderful athletes partaking in the Paralympic Games over the next 11 days...And like Tracey Emin says in her paralympic poster...

You inspire me with your determination...and I love you xx

Good Luck my lovelies...I'll be watching every minute...


Blooming lovely bobby pins

 Wow! I was just surfing the net (as you do, when you should be doing the ironing lol!) and found these wonderful and prettily packaged Bobby Pins...aren't they soooo divine!

They have been made by InGripsWeTrust on Etsy...I love her designs and there is over 8 pages of different styles to choose from...Bliss!

Brilliant ideas for gifts ay!
go check her out my lovelies xx

 I am ordering all of the red ones lol!


Vintage Caravan Magazine and Prima Giveaway

Woo Hoo here i am my sorry for my late arrival today (I am writing this at 1.30pm) all due to the fact that I {stupidly} said YES to picking my son up at SILLY O'CLOCK!!!! {3 am} from a Disco Bar in town!

I then hit the sack around 3.45am and couldn't get to sleep...HOT HOT and HOTTER was how I was feeling...cover on and cover off...Well if
i was training for the Bed cover Olympics...I would of definitely got a medal!

Honestly I am getting loads of symptons of different ailments and with the help of the Doctor internet, I am able to diagnose myself without any qualifications whatsoever...Even Freddy said to me this morning...don't you have a lot of things wrong with you lately!...(I gave him one of those glances that try being a woman!!!!!!)and promptly left the room before I KILLED HIM! I cried!)...Goodness Gracious this whole menopause milarkie is half playing its curse on me.
For at about 8am this morning I am sure I was having a baby!...I was having contractions! honestly!...oh the pain! they were coming in waves (as they usually do! lol)...I was in a panic...OMG how on earth am I having a Baby...surely not at my age (102!)....I was sweating and worrying all at the same time...and then I realised, it was just a very big case of {eating that yummy tiramasu all to myself} Wind! ;))))

I don't know why I am telling you all about this in the middle of a giveaway lol! but thats me! I am a talker...I feel responsible for silences and all that!...I talk about the most silly things and even make myself laugh!  I am actually supposed to be tackling my mountainous Ironing pile right now...but I would sooner chat with you!

I feel better for deleting my facebook, I am getting so much more done, during the day, (not the ironing though! lol) as when I am not picking siblings up, I am actually going to bed...ok ok its only the second full day of being facebook free, but I like this new found free spare time.
Right! we had better get on with this Magazine Giveaway ay! you can see these are two magazines that I have been featured in...The caravan magazine I was featured in back in last December, and PRIMA, I was featured in back in JULY.  The pictures have been taken from both magazines, so you can see what you can win.  The Vintage Caravan Magazine is an Australian Magazine and so jam packed with wonderful articles, caravan do-ups and Rockabilly chic...I will be bringing you snippets from the other Caravan magazines, over the next few months I was given subscription for a year.
  ....And the other magazine is PRIMA an English Mag, full of everyday things and life...recipe's, thriftiest women articles, fashion and holidays...I gave a copy to my Mum and she said it was a jolly good read!
 So my lovelies...are you up for it?
All you need to do is leave a comment on this post about the kind of magazines you like to read {and if anything} what you think is missing from magazines today.

You can have as many goes as you like with a different comment.

...And i will draw this next tuesday 4th September.

You can also post this on your blog to let other peeps know too, its up to you ;)

Have fun and I'll be back shortly :)


I am Deleting Facebook

 Heres a few random pictures for you to look at whilst I am getting ready to come out to play again!
 They have been taken around my home over the last few years.

I should be about ready to blog again on tuesday...I am deleting my facebook account to make room for more interesting blogging.  Also I have a give-away to do, to kick it all off, which should be interesting :)

Have a great Bank Holiday weekend and see you soon.


Hot Flushes and Tiredness

 Oh dear...I haven't been a very good blogger lately have I...
well I am hoping things will pick up soon...what with the rain! sooo depressing!
...and now all this terribly hot weather...
 I have been down in the dumps and now on the other extreme..
.I am too hot and tired to do anything! If you have been reading my blog for a long time you will know that I have these lows!
I might be called Happy...but I still get in a rut! so please do forgive me...lets call this lul... To be honest I really do need a holiday...a couple of weeks away from it all, I am sure would do me the world of good...I haven't had a holiday for a few years now (poor me!)

The Olympics were brilliant and I enjoyed every minute of it...and I am someone that didn't think she liked sport!...I am now looking forward to the Paralympics and especially as we have a fellow blogger Friend Maria, who has a son competing in them...her blog is called 'Rosey Tinted Spectacles' and her son Dean, will be competing in the 1500 metres race on Mon 3rd Sept at 9.25pm...of course you can imagine how she must be feeling as a go on over and say hello...tell her happy sent cha ;)
Also I have been speaking to a very good blogger friend of mine on facebook, called Jo, she has been a friend of mine since I started my blog, back in 2007...I have her blog listed in my favourites, but just in case you haven't noticed, her blog its called oldflowers4me ...please go on over and visit her at 'Fairy Cake Pond'...and say hello, as I think she is brilliant!
I will try and come back soon...I never know what i will end up doing as i am so contrary...thing is, I have so much to write about, especially as I haven't been writing about my life for a bit!...I think i am probably a bit overwhelmed by everything!
 I have a pile of ironing as high as Mount Everest and some re-arranging of furniture to do tomorrow! and I haven't even started decorating the other caravan yet! I am always hot and always tired and I am sure I am going senile! lol! so please bare with me, my friends...HOPE! I am sure, is at the end of the tunnel!...or hopefully! at the end of the ironing pile! LOL!
How have you been feeling lately?


BODIE AND FOU The Bestest Shop in Town!

 Let me introduce you to a new favourite shop of mine BODIE AND FOU
the brainchild of two french sisters Elodie {Bodie} and Karine {fou}
 Everything they stock is fresh and modern, quirky and chic and I am in love with them TOTALLY!...

 They stock things that mix perfectly into our Happy Shabby genre...
A sight for sore eyes as my old Nanny hilda used to say...
 Its nice to think out of the box sometimes and add a bit of modern with the old...
I have fallen out of love with some of the shops I used to haunt week in week out...for me some of them have become too popular and a little samey! lately I am wanting to add something fresh and different into my eclectic cottage chic.

 White walls...and fresh kitschy pieces look soooo divine.

 Paper Plumes for summer house decoration...

 Wonderful Teatime ROB RYAN

 Crochet Bunting...Yum Yum!

 ...and such funky ideas for wallpaper...great for sitting rooms and your bathroom!

 They have soooo many contemporary pictures to choose from...

  I am sure this will become one of your favourite places to shop too...
well apart from Happy Loves Rosie that is! lol!

Go on and have a peek at my new favourite shop...just click on a picture
They are also having a SALE right now as well! there is lots of bargains to be had Woo Hoo!

Something to cheer us up ay! as we are all missing our daily fix of Team GB...
Wasn't it all soooo fantastic! from the opening ceremony to the closing ceremony and everything in between, was absolutely brilliant!

Bring on the Paralympics,
The Super Humans!
I can't wait!