Share your Vintage Caravan Makeover

Come on then....lets be 'aving ya!...all you guys and gals, that have been inspired enough to buy and 'do up' a vintage caravan...
I want YOU!

 I am starting a feature on here, like the vintage caravan mag that I am giving away HERE ... where I want to interview peeps with wonderful vintage caravans (worldwide)...being that there is such a revival here in the UK...

I don't even mind if you have a vintage vehicle that you would like to show off...just drop me a line with your details and I will send you an interview pack, for once you have finished...I will upload it to my blog and tag it under the 'Revamping Your Vintage Caravan' section...brilliant if you are smitten about your vintage caravan/vehicle and want to show it off....and get a little publicity...even!

Sooo if you are up for it please email me HERE.

Or leave a comment with a link to you...
and I'll come and get ya :)

Add this button to your blog....if you want to spread the word!

To grab the caravan interview button,
Just copy and paste from the scroll bar into your HTML gadget in Blogger.



  1. A fun idea! I will be watching!

  2. Hello Happy, what a great idea! I have passed the link on to my sister in Sydney - she has a fab vintage caravan and has revamped it wonderfully!

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  4. hi Happy, I bet you'll get some corkers! I used to have a Thompson Miniglen that my hubby and I did a reno on, here's the link to a post I did on it if you want to check it out....

    Also my hubby has a 1982 series 3 landrover that we shipped to oz with us if you're interested in either of those
    Jo :)

  5. Hello Happy, have loved your blog for an age and couldn't believe my look that you are interested in doing this feature! I renovate vintage caravans for a living and have been for quite some time! I am in the process of going all pro (blog etc) hope you like....Sharon. xx

  6. Hiya Happy from Sunny Southern California!
    I am re-doing a 1963 Shasta, same year as I am! Yours was a BIG inspiration. My blog is just to document the process...wish it was as fun as yours!

    come by and say 'hi'!

  7. I am so coming back to share once I get mine finished! ♥

  8. I'm really excited about this - can't wait to see everyone's vintage caravans!

    Victoria x

  9. What fun this will be..I used to have a retro Scotty turquoise/aqua and white color and I SOLD IT!!!..OK People..I want it back now!! lol..seriously I do!

  10. I adore your re-do! It's so cheerful and happy! We bought a defeated '73 Glendale (19' back to front inside) and redid it, then lived in it for 18 months. Had to sell it and move when hubby broke his leg and couldn't climb into the "ship's cabin" bathroom any more. I documented every step from buying it to living in it. I loved it so...
    Start here:

    Deb in Western Canada

  11. I would love to join in. You can find my Bertha here:

  12. omg! would LOVE too! have to find one first.........

  13. Hi, Its Sharon from thehappycaravan, I think I did email you last year but you where going through some sad times. I have lots of pictures of vintage caravans and the stages I have worked on them from the last few years. Would love to share on your fabo blog! Love Sharon x

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