Happy Jubilee

 We have put all the bunting up outside the house and in the garden, ready for our ‘Big Up Blighty Jubilee Party’….well, we have been celebrating since yesterday really! (friday)…I watched the tribute from Prince Charles to His Mammy…and all the footage of Anne and himself growing up, bought tears to my eyes….the way he was laughing at himself and his parents…was just brilliant.

 The flags are flying in the ‘Happy House’ and as you know, we are always ‘ Biggin’ up Blighty’ …infact even after the Jubilee and the Olympics have passed…I will still be running my little crusade! lol!…I love everything about our Heritage…and I think we should all talk up! how brilliant this country is, rather than put it down all the time…yep my lovelies, I know all of you love Blighty…but we have got to spread the word…and keep the moral high!

 Although the celebrations officially kicked off yesterday with the Derby…yes crowds of beautifully dressed ladies and the wonderful Queen Elizabeth herself flocked to this event…apparently the Queen see’s this event as the start of the summer….she loves the Derby!

 Today is the Diamond Jubilee Pageant…where 1000 boats including the Queen’s will be sailing along the Thames….all the way from Windsor Castle to Tower Bridge…oh how exciting! it all kicks off on BBC1 at 1 o’clock today…so do raise a glass and watch it 🙂

 Monday, there is a concert on the Mall right outside Buckingham Palace, with famous peeps like Elton John, Tom Jones, Jessie J….we did apply for tickets, but was unlucky, so we will be watching this at home…dancing around the table lol!

 So wherever you are…whether you are having a street party, a get together indoors…or if you are rocking out the Barbecue! Have fun! and celebrate this wonderful occasion! for it truly is a fantastic event…


 Happy Happy Happy Jubilee to all….have a great party wherever you are!
Bottoms up!


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