Do you remember...we had a change around last year and I never got to post about see Christmas came sooo fast!...but you did kinda see a peek of it all in the Chrimbo pictures.
But now we have gone and changed the sitting room around, all over again...Well our armchairs were at breaking point...the Laura Ashley blue one had a leg broken and it was supported by a wooden candle box lol!
So we got rid of that one and also put the white covered sturdier chair and the yellow table into the dining room! not sure whether I like them in there yet! but when the Bootsales start again I am sure I will find something better!

As you can see from above, we decided to paint the 'Ugly' (blogged about HERE) retro sideboard white...and I now love it!...I have decorated it with some torn out pictures of roses and a doggy postcard...all I have done here is stick them on with coloured drawing pins lol! But I love the look!

I also have my HAPPY NEW YEAR plaque up...because it is still the New Year...and I am Happy! lol!

 So we have a 'New' 3 seater you can see from these pictures...we ordered it from IKEA as it matches our other settee...we did debate whether to get two armchairs instead, to replace the other two...but the problem was, we needed an extra seat, so we could all sit comfortably and cosily in the sitting room as a family together...
So with the added large footstool (which we bought in a local Charity Shop for £15.00) result! we only had to buy a new white cover for it...we also bought a new white cover for our original two seater so the whites would match and voila!...
We also moved the pew in from the dining room, which fits in front of the radiator lovely...I hate radiators on show! and have covered them with material in the past...but have now realised how much more heat comes out of them when they are not covered! hahaha! doh!
You might find it a bit odd, the fact that we have put the new sofa in front of the fireplace...but it was the only way that looked ok, as it completely took over the room on the pew wall! and as well it makes the room so much more cosier and well!..we just love it like it is :)
This is the side I don't really usually I like Telly's hidden, but now, if you sit on the 3 seater, you have a brilliant view of the TV!...and we do rather have a LARGE TV!

We have also added this lovely shag pile rug in blue, which Max absolutely loves lazing around on...infact I think, he thinks we bought it for him only!
hope you like our new settee and new sitting room arrangement as much as we do...

Please do join my followers, as I will be posting more about my little English cottage and how you can fit alot of 'stuff' into really small spaces with 'Happy's' unique techniques.

Bye for now



  1. I am sooooo in love with your house! It truly is the happiest home I've ever seen! Keep inspiring! x

  2. I love that your style just blossoms everywhere your camera points. ~Kelly

    unDeniably Domestic

  3. So much to see! So many cute details! I'm so glad I'm following along in your HAPPY new year!

    PS Wish Ikea made OTHER colors for their cushions as well. White just wouldn't work here on the farm! ♥

  4. Absolutely gorgeous! Love everything in your room!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  5. Looks fabulous and even better with the IKEA sofas is that you can get all the different coloured covers when you fancy a change!

    Victoria xx

  6. New settee looks great, I have the same one from Ikea in leather :) love the shutters at the side of your window.
    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  7. We also bought this white 3 seater sofa from IKEA only a couple of months ago. I love it!

    And I really L-O-V-E the way you decorate everything... everywhere! Your home is awesome!

    But... it must take an awfully lot of time to do all the dusting and cleaning? ;-)

    Greetings from Denmark
    //Lisbet ♥

  8. I do like that you painted the "Ugly" cabinet in white. I think when you live in a small space darker colors can make your room seem smaller. It blends perfectly now! My house over here was built in WW1 by an architect that tried to model the whole project like an English Village. So our homes are all "small" compared to the average American home. I love looking at your ideas because there are a lot of similarities in our spacing and layout! My neighbors would just kill me for adding a campervan to our yard though!Maybe I can sneak in it somehow! Thanks for the ideas!

  9. How cosy it looks Happy!
    I do love those sofas, would like one myself, one day!

    I love your "Happy" style!

    Wore my Happy Loves Rosie bird brooch to my interview today! It became a bit of a talking point!


  10. Thank you so much for sharing a peek into your home, it's so welcoming

  11. How wonderfully colourful! Brave choice for a white sofa - I'd spill something on it in 2 minutes!

  12. Oh Thank You "Happy" for your new pictures1 I just love your style, how fun it is to gather and add little pieces of our past to our homes! Yours is the best! Would love for you to come visit me from Marlynne @

  13. So lovely home! Have a happy and lucky day!!

  14. It looks gorgeous i say it every time but i just adore the colours and patterns etc of your home. You have the most amazing fun items. Your unit came up really well it looks fab. dee x

  15. I just love your eclectic style in your happy cottage! I think it looks fabulous!!!! We have the same settee and it has held up beautifully with 4 teens and all their friends in the five years weve had it. We actually have two in our living room because we have enough room for them. I LOVE Ikea...It's the best.

  16. I do love reading your blog! It's always so colorful and cheerful and I can count on seeing lots of red and gingham checks and polka-dots. It's always such a day-brightener.

  17. Thats it! Im packing up and moving in with you......ok?
    I love your house so much, your cottage is so cute and pretty and all the lovely words that i can think of.
    You have such a good eye for these things!!

  18. My daughter has two of the Ikea loveseats and LOVES them.......I will never get over how inexpensive the slipcovers are.... She had a Pottery Barn sofa before these and the slipcovers were about SEVEN hundred dollars! Gotta love those nice, white ones.

    Love your's just soooo........ HAPPY.


  19. It makes me HAPPY looking at it all...wonderful job...Love it!!!! Mica/The Childs Paper


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