Happy Loves Christmas

  Well here we are gals…its now the 8th December  and we are well on the way
to the BIG 25!…presents are wrapped cards are written and the Chrimbo
decs are up!

Well perhaps they are for most of you…but for the Happy House, I am soooo far behind…Usually I am all prepared by now, as my birthday at the start of the month usually see’s the first decoration being put up…

…but lately I have not had the energy, as we have had pnuemonia in our family, plus
my wisdom tooth has decided to show up a couple of times bringing on a
couple of migranes with it that has lasted a few days at a time!
Goodness I am feeling very old this year!

I even went out Clubbing with Rosie last Saturday, and have had chronic back ache since! lol! (maybe its becasue I danced like a teenager all night!) Oh goodness…my mind still thinks I am 18 but my body feels more like 80!

 Even Freddy has wheeled (in his Wheelchair) a couple of boxes of chrimbo decs into the house to try and get me started! lol!…but all I seem to want to do is sleep! OMG! I need a good kick up my A** me finks 😉

 So I have written a list (ooh get me!) haha! and I have a finish date…which is going to be Sunday 11th December…my kiddies and Freddy are off to their Nan’s for a visit on Saturday, (ark at me! Kiddies! Daz is 22 and Rosie 18! lol! but they will aways be my babies ;)) so I will have a day free to pamper the house with all our vintage baubles and delights

 I am showing you piccies of previous years and as I am looking at them and remembering what I have, I am getting quite excited…its just I have to get my weary body upright and moving lol!

I suppose wearing about 25 jumpers at once to save on my electricity bill doesn’t help with my movement either, as once I sit in the chair…I am kinda stuck there 😉


 Oh well…
keep ya fingers crossed kiddo’s and hopefully I should have some new piccies for ya next week 😉

Bye for now,

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