Being born in Barking...I am a true Essex girl...these days Barking is considered to be part of London...but even so I am actually proud to be from Essex...

girls have always had a bad time coming from that neck of the woods...bad reputations and all....but after cringing at the thought of 'The only way is Essex' being shown on our TV screens...I must admit I am actually totally enjoying the series...I love them all...Especially little Nanny Pat...Did you see her dressed as a little blow up pumpkin on Halloween! bless her :)

Anyway...I just felt I had to share my thoughts on this addictive series, whilst I wait to pick Rosie Up from a Club...that actually is hosting a Meet & Greet with Mario from the series...she is soooo excited at the thought of meeting him :)

Suddenly the words SHUT UUUUP, So Jel and REEM have entered into our volcabulary lol! do you think in time they will make it into the Oxford Dictionary :)




  1. I was born down the road in Ilford and my Nan & Grandad had a Greengrocers in Barking! I agree...I love the series's just so funny!

  2. From one Essex girl to another I am of course addicted to the program esp as it's so local to me!

    I too am proud of being an Essex girl & there's a reason TOWIE is more popular than Made in Chelsea!

    Victoria xx

  3. I'm addicted to Towie too. I'm a North London girl but lived in Dagenham for 20 years and now live further out near to Southend. My daughters are Essex girls and proud of it!
    Towie is reem!

  4. I am ADDICTED to TOWIE, although a Scouser and not an Essex girl, for many years I lived in Hackney and was desperate to move to Epping lol! I LOVE Essex and hav espent many a drunken night in good old 'Rommers. I always wave to it whenever we drive down South on the motorway to Stansted!!


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