Yesterday I cooked Pork to Perfection

Yesterday I cooked Pork! and I finally ‘cracked it’ pardon the pun! Yes it was the best pork I have ever cooked! I am very good with roast dinners but sometimes the meat is a bit chewy…well very chewy actually! So on Saturday, when I was in Asda…I was looking at the Pork shoulder joints, thinking! Come on gal – surely you can ‘crack’ this tough meat thingy!

So I bought a piece of pork shoulder, I had heard that you must cook this very slowly…ok it was cheap £3.66 for a great lump!

I rubbed salt into the skin and put it in the oven on low for 3 and a half hours! I did place it on a Le Crueset pan though…rather than a roasting tin…You can’t beat Le Crueset!

Well! When Fred and I got it out of the oven and tried it! you can imagine the ‘yums and yahs’ that was said! it was beautifully tender and soooo tasty…and the crackling! hmmmm! Yum Yum!

We had a lovely Mothers Day lunch…and I had finally cooked a piece of pork that Jamie Oliver would be proud of…and that made my day! Sometimes its the simple things in life that make you Happy 🙂

What have you cooked lately that you have been proud of ?

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