I am away this weekend….

I am off this weekend to visit my Mum, she needs an operation and I will be traveling the 20 miles to London to take her there.

I will be travelling in my little car…Hopefully if hubby hasn’t parked it in the middle of the road and it hasn’t been smashed to pieces! LOL! (see post a little way down!)

I shall be leaving my poor hubby to do the washing up and stuff, but bless, he can’t do much these days, so I am sure Rosie will help him 🙂

Its our anniversary on sunday…we have been married 23 years, so we promised ourselves that we will celebrate next week sometime, once I know my Mum is ok 🙂

No doubt we will be drinking plenty of tea to help Mum get over the op…its only a lump on her finger, but she is 80, although you would never believe it! but we are very worried about it because she has had dislocated hips from birth and she uses her arms all the time, so if there are any complications, we will have to see if it will be worth her while to have the op, but I’ll let you all know when I get back 🙂

Speak soon gals,

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