Ive got Soul – Good luck England

Yesterday Rosie and I dropped in to our local Shopping Centre to hand out CV’s, as she is itching to find another job right now!….she has a list as long as her arm of all the lovely things out there that she wants to buy herself! Bless! and she cannot wait to learn to drive, as she will be 17 in a couple of weeks! Oh! I do admire her perky spirit 🙂

Whilst we were there…I spotted The ‘Big up England’ car flags…2 for £1.00! Oh No! has Blighty given up all hope of getting through to the Semi’s!…Well it is understandable I suppose! after the way we played last time…and the time before that!…what has got into our boys!

I have been meaning to get an England flag for a while now…as we have the KIA Soul that is advertising sponsoring the world cup…and well its only right! isn’t it? and despite the fact that I have about 50 union jacks in my garden already! It just seems the right thing to do! anyway better late then Never! and besides… they might put a bit more ‘Oomph! into their game if they know that Happy has gone and bought some flags for her car! LOL!

So I have taken the’bull by the horns’ and decided to buy a couple of these flags! Whoo Hoo! Last of the BIG spenders! Me eh!….even though I might have to sneak down the end of the garden later, to quickly ‘rip’ them off in disgust! LOL!

I know! I lost the ‘toss’ I did want a Blighty Red one…..but Rosie and Fred won and we got the boring black one!…still a lovely car though…and sooo sporty…Ill have to wait a few more years before I can get my dream Citroen Dolly car (red and white)  DeLiCiOuS!




  1. Jackie
    25th June 2010 / 2:11 pm

    I have the Red Kia Soul….and it has a soul of it's own. Love the happy little thing…we call it the Gnome Wagon.

  2. Cornflake
    24th June 2010 / 10:25 am

    Woop, woop England rocks!! 😉

  3. My Grannies Attic
    24th June 2010 / 5:58 am

    Love the football at the moment. Sat outside watching it yesterday in the lovely sunshine surrounded by lovely people.Might have to go and get those flags today!!!!Kerry xxxx

  4. Itch2stitch.com
    23rd June 2010 / 3:18 pm

    Ooops! I haven't got any flags out either, but I am watching the match as I type this. I love those dolly cars too! Suzie xxx

  5. Florence and Mary
    23rd June 2010 / 12:21 pm

    I feel bad that I haven't got any flags flying for England… although as an incentive for them this afternoon if they get through I might just go and buy some!Victoria xx

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