Here we are gals…we have made it to the other side of Chrimbo !! Alive!….!!! Goodness knows what has happened to me! I think I have been taken away by aliens! false fed and then dropped back to earth again! with a BANG! and a cup of realization!…goodness gracious me! I didnt realise, I had put on, THAT much weight…for the last few months I have been surveying my body in a tilted mirror over the bathroon sink! (forgetting that, if a mirror is tilted…it tells a DREADFUL lie!)

Now I havn’t actually weighed myself…because I refuse to do that…having a set of scales in my bathroom only leads to constantly stepping on and off them through the day, and that is no excuse for a work out…even though I will kinda convince myself that it is!

…And even more serious that all of that…is the pending 80th Birthday Party on Sunday 10th! Yes it my Mum’s birthday lunch!…and I have just 6 days to loose 5 stone!..any suggestions?…Failing loosing the weight, I will have to find a slinky black number that will shrink me into a size 14….answers on a postcard please for that very dress! and before sunday…well perhaps before saturday, so that I can plan m

y outfit and sort out some accessories! LOL!


Update…hehehe! honestly gals, off course I am only joking! most of you know, I have had a problem with my weight on and off, but I am rarely that worried about it! its just that I would of liked to of been a couple of sizes smaller for this event!…but I havn’t put any effort into it, and I have ate for England over Christmas…so what did I expect 🙂 I will probably be the life and soul of the party anyway!, as I always feel responsible for silences! I’m like a renta-crowd in my own right!!!!! 🙂 so do remember I’m always available for weddings, barmitzfahs etc etc (sorry if I have spelt that last word wrong! never was my best subject spelling! Eek!

The snow seems to be affecting everyone at the moment and it is forecast again for us here in Medway!….I am just hoping it doesn’t affect the plans for the party…so please all pray for it being nice and melted for the weekend, even if we do have to have it 🙂 and please all be careful out there gals….get in some supplies and button down the hatches…stay in and keep warm!!! heehee…that could be another slogan for a cushion!

Love you all:)

Love Happy xx

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