Happy Holidays in Somerset

Hello gals I have been away on my holidays and what a fun time I have had! I drove down to Somerset all by myself...and now I feel that i can do anything!...I went to visit my lovely friends Jax and Sean that moved about 18 months ago...and would you look at their lovely 500 year old, Somerset cottage (below).

Summer finds......

I have been out and about recently, booting and routing! and have found these wonderful items for our garden....look above and check out that deckchair! I only paid £2.00 for it and it looks lovely sitting there in the corner of our nook - don't you think :) I have covered it with vintage union jack tea towels and thrown a granny blanket on it, to make it cosy for anyone wishing to sit there :)

Red Roses to French Enamel....

I have made up this mosaic of some of my VERY OWN favorite pictures!


My Garden and a Fabulous Dresser

Hello gals...I sure do hope you are all well...sorry that I have not been around for a while, its just that my computer that I am sure you all know by now is sick! and this week it suddenly died on me! DRAT I love that thing...I have created so much on it! it is like loosing an arm for me!...any how! I have taken it to the PC hospital and tonight I am borrowing this Macbook from my hubby! Hmmm! I don't like it...it is supposed to be for graphically minded people, but I get and have got soooo FRUSTRATED with it, that it has taken me hours to sort out the pictures! something to do with STARTUP DISK FULL or something! even though hubby hardly stores anything on this thing! Grrrrrrr!