Happy Holidays in Somerset

Hello gals I have been away on my holidays and what a fun time I have had! I drove down to Somerset all by myself…and now I feel that i can do anything!…I went to visit my lovely friends Jax and Sean that moved about 18 months ago…and would you look at their lovely 500 year old, Somerset cottage (below).

It is positioned near Church Steps in Minehead, which is such a pretty place, and a ramblers paradise, as it is just on the border of Exmoor National Park.

This is the Entrance to their grand cottage…Jax’s is a Gardener by trade as you can see by the beautiful flower boxes at the start of this post and also the beautiful front above.

This is the lovely en-suite bedroom annexe that I very quickly settled into…and look at the lovely flowers that she had picked from the garden, for my arrival, she really does spoil you…Jax is one of life’s lovely people 🙂 .

...And this is the lovely Lola….she is always sooo happy to see you and although she is only a year old, she is very big, but she still remembers having a cuddle with her mummy as a baby and loves to jump up on you for a hug…ahhh bless her.

Jax showed me around all of her favourite haunts, we visited Porlock (below)

….and as we were passing this lovely cottage – I said ‘this one’s mine’ and as we passed the side gate look what it said!

Hayes Cottage! how strange!

I think I might have to ask them…if they ever sell, to let me know LOL!

We visited the beach…

…and Dunster..

We peaked in gardens…

Shopped till we dropped…

Went for loads of walks with Lola…

We were ladies who lunched! LOL!

We visited Exmoor National Park...

And was lucky enough to see the lovely Exmoor ponies!

We took in all the wonderful scenery.

And ate many cream teas!

Then we played ‘Changing Rooms’! Jax didnt like the way her rooms were laid out and asked me to help her, you know, to give her house a more homely feel…she had alot of nik naks here and there, so we decided to clear out the junk so you could see her beautiful things! above is how the sitting room was before and below is how I changed it for her!

We used all of her things and only got rid of the ‘Happy loves Rosie’s’ No No’s LOL! We looked under the carpet…but there was no nice wooden floor, so Jax will eventually buy a coir mat style carpet to finish the look and also I have told her to paint some of the furniture..!

Above is the view of the Garden Dining room…but we moved the Dining table from the Sitting room into this Dining room and whilst we were out on one of our shopping trips I made Jax buy this red checked table cloth and at the local car boot I made her buy the towel rail and Union jack…to add some colour and match the table cloth.

As you can see – everything was approved by Lola!

Also at the car boot we spotted this lovely blue spotty table cloth, purchased for £1.00, plus (not shown) two spotty seat covers for her chairs…this really lifts the kitchen!

Jax’s dresser was a little cluttered and one day, whilst she was out Gardening and with her permission, I re-arranged it for her…picking out her lovely items and really showing them off!

I have re-arranged their rooms and given them plenty of ideas of what to do with their gorgeous saxon cottage, which was actually 3 cottages made into one house! Lucky things!

This is such a long post….so sorry – but I just had to show you their lovely garden!…I spent alot of time in it and have taken some wonderful piccy’s there..

They are both very talented people, as well as a gardener, Jax’s is also an artist and paints and creates in her home studio, on the premises….getting her inspiration from her surroundings…And Sean is soon to be building a wonderful greenhouse with the help of their 3 gorgeous sons, so that they can grow and nuture plants, hanging baskets and seeds for mail order.

If you have fallen in love with their lifestyle…why not book a holiday at Pilgrim Cottage…you will be able to lavish in the luxury of the wonderful ensuite bedroom annexe that I stayed in, and believe me that bed is sooo comfortable!

And if you are interested in a house make-over by Happy Harris, please do email me, where I can give you a quote and details…its a fun experience and I can even sort out your wardrobe too! I will even feature you on my blog if you would like that 🙂

Anyway…I’ll leave you all now…I hope you are all enjoying the sunshine…Although I loved my holiday to bits and the lovely company…its good to be back with you all 🙂

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