Gee Whizz and jolly hockey sticks!!!....Happy loves Rosie is now in print and its all thanks to the lovely Tara Frey from 'Typing out Loud', as I am featured in her new book 'Blogging for Bliss'!... Last year I got an email from Tara, to ask me if I would like to be included in her new book, and as you can imagine I was very flattered indeedy to be asked to participate. We have all had to keep it under wraps for quite sometime...but now finally I can share this wonderful news with you all!.
Her book is full of tips and info on creating the perfect blog and includes Tara's 50 favourite bloggers... they inturn have been interviewed and it shows who inspires them...and why they created their blog etc etc. It also has info on what blogs they read this really is a wonderful work of art and total inspiration for everyone in our blogging community.


This is the front cover of the book...its beautiful and the inside is even more yummy and delicious...and in the words of Tara herself...

"The book! What is it about?! I think the title gives most of it up, but it's chock full of how- to's, creating your own unique blog style and also spotlighting some of our favorite super creative bloggers (there are over 50 featured!), how they got started, what blogs they read and much more. It's a 'must have' book for anyone who has a blog (or is thinking about starting one). I hope it will be a source of reference but more importantly, i-n-s-p-i-r-a-t-i-o-n" ...

I am so flatterd to be featured in this wonderful book....Thankyou so much Tara for giving me this opportunity :)

The book is out on August 4th, but it is available for Pre-sale HERE.

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend xx


  1. I am sooooo pleased for you and look forward to reading what looks like a very enjoyable book :)


  2. How exciting for you! I pre-ordered the book yesterday and I can't wait to get it. I recently discovered you blog and I LOVE It!So happy and inspiring!!

  3. I'm so Happy for you! (pardon the pun). It's always so fun to see something you've worked so hard on, in actual print! Your blog is always so much fun with all its splashes of red and doses of whimsy ~ congratulations.

  4. Congrats! I'm so HAPPY for you! Can't wait to find the book! How special!

  5. Well done you! It sounds like a fantastic book!

  6. Well Done Happy!
    Exciting times!
    Rachel x

  7. Congratulations! I will pre-order mine this evening! ~Kelly

    unDeniably Domestic

  8. well done you! Great book, i'll be ordering one x

  9. WoW, Congratulations I'm really pleased for you. I think I will be making a purchase.
    Bertie x

  10. WOW How exciting for you!

    I've already got this book on my wish list and will be buying it as soon as it's released!

    Love the new background.

    Victoria xx

  11. Cool! I love your blog and the book sounds great. --Stina

  12. Congratulations! I look forward to seeing your very own book one day, nothing but Happy!!!!

  13. Super duper happy congrats, Happy! I'm so excited about Tara's book... now I'm even more excited knowing you're in it too.

  14. Love your blog! :) Its so much fun! :) Lovely work! :)

  15. wow! that is fantastic! well done!
    looks like a great book x

  16. looks like a fab book, how exciting to be featured!

    Rose XXX

  17. Wow, many congrats!
    Look forward to reading that one.

  18. Just started reading your blog..I just moved away from Vancouver, which hosted the last Olympics, so it was interesting reading about your ideas and concerns..although it was the Winter Olympics here, and the venues were spread out around different areas, inside stuff was in downtown areas completely shut down for Olympic traffic worked out okay here, because of improved public transportation, which I'm told London has an abundance of, so don't worry, people soon adapt..
    Have to say I really enjoy your blog, especially the all the colours..


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