Hang in there Guys!

Just thought I'd let you all know that i am still here!! We have just returned from a lovely holiday to Turkey and are busy trying to book a friends villa to stay out there on the cheap next year for the summer holidays....Yes lassies I am in lurve with Turkey, guaranteed sunshine everyday! who wouldn't be and only 4 hours away! Cor was we spoilt!

We are back in blighty now, with the dismal weather! but onwards and upwards! we have been in good spirits as our son Dazl and his friends had cleaned the whole house from top to bottom for our homecoming, which I really never expected...so well done boys!
We are now awaiting his A level results and hopefully he will be going to Canterbury University to study 'Film', we are very proud of him, he has been to visit the University himself and chosen his own accommodation all with the help of his good friend Kyle...its funny isn't it how you mother them and then suddenly they are grown up and making their own decisions and choices! He has taken all this decision making in his stride totally focussed on what he wants to do, well I suppose an A-level in film helped, studying this course has really made him focus on his life and i suppose knowing that he has the support of his friends and family helps.

Rosie is also waiting to hear about her GCSE's - yes we are very proud of her too, at the age of 14 she has taken 3 of them in Art, English and ICT...she is such a star! Its the summer holidays and we are all having FUN, so do bare with us, not posting so often, I will post when I can.


Oh and PS......what do you think of my tattoo - should it stay or should it go!!

I have always fancied a flower tattoo on my finger and had this one done on holiday (temporary of course!) although it doesn't seem to be fading!! eek! xx