Hang in there Guys!

Just thought I’d let you all know that i am still here!! We have just returned from a lovely holiday to Turkey and are busy trying to book a friends villa to stay out there on the cheap next year for the summer holidays….Yes lassies I am in lurve with Turkey, guaranteed sunshine everyday! who wouldn’t be and only 4 hours away! Cor was we spoilt! We are back in blighty now, with the dismal weather! but onwards and upwards! we have been in good spirits as our son Dazl and his friends had cleaned the whole house from top to bottom for our homecoming, which I really never expected…so well done boys! We are now awaiting his A level results and hopefully he will be going to Canterbury University to study ‘Film’, we are very proud of him, he has been to visit the University himself and chosen his own accommodation all with the help of his good friend Kyle…its funny isn’t it how you mother them and then suddenly they are grown up and making their own decisions and choices! He has taken all this decision making in his stride totally focussed on what he wants to do, well I suppose an A-level in film helped, studying this course has really made him focus on his life and i suppose knowing that he has the support of his friends and family helps.Rosie is also waiting to hear about her GCSE’s – yes we are very proud of her too, at the age of 14 she has taken 3 of them in Art, English and ICT…she is such a star! Its the summer holidays and we are all having FUN, so do bare with us, not posting so often, I will post when I can.HAPPY SUMMER HOLIDAYS TO ALL – Luv happy xOh and PS……what do you think of my tattoo – should it stay or should it go!!I have always fancied a flower tattoo on my finger and had this one done on holiday (temporary of course!) although it doesn’t seem to be fading!! eek! xx



  1. jaana*maaria
    17th September 2008 / 8:51 pm

    Love this tattoo of yours, keep it!I had one like that on my holidays in Tunisia too, unfortunately it DID fadeaway… (pictured in my my blog somewhere)

  2. Emily
    24th July 2008 / 1:09 am

    Hi! Glad you’re back! Sounds like a great vacation. Good luck to your son! My daughter will be a senior this year but she has no idea what she wants to do after graduation. It’ll be interesting to see what she decides!Emily

  3. Rabbit Hill Creations
    21st July 2008 / 5:18 pm

    Your vacation sounds wonderful, isn’t it nice to come back to a well kept home, lucky you. Your tattoo is pretty, I say keep it!

  4. Happy
    21st July 2008 / 12:23 am

    Hi Ruth – i know…actually on closer inspection, we have about 15 plates missing! (we bought about 20 from IKea for everyday plates – you know some in the dishwasher, some in the kids bedrooms and some in the cupboard!!) but we only have 5 in the kitchen!!! I have a feeling they had dried on stains and they chucked them in the bin!!!…its very suspect! hes at his nan’s this week – but i shall be interogating him when he gets back!!!Hope you are well ruth…nice to see you on blogger!lub hay x

  5. ruth rocket
    20th July 2008 / 8:00 pm

    Hi Hayley,Just read your blog and it made me smile! My son Lewis left for Uni last year, so I know how it feels! Tho I do have to say, VERY suspect your son & his friends cleaning the house! I wonder why they felt the need to! ha!Hope to catch up with you soon :)Ruth Rocket xx

  6. A Different Era
    20th July 2008 / 11:17 am

    I have loved Turkey since 1995, its beautiful. We are off there in August for 2 weeks, cant wait! Glad you enjoyed it.

  7. Nostalgia at the Stone House
    19th July 2008 / 5:43 pm

    Hi Happy – welcome home!! Hopefully you will be able to top-up that tan tomorrow – the forecast looks OK! Well done to your kids – great news that they are making the right choices for their futures.Cute tattoo!Niki

  8. Vintage Amethyst
    19th July 2008 / 5:42 pm

    OOohhh we’ve just been to Turkey too. Blimey was it hot, in the mid 30’s in the shade and in the 50’s in the sun and then we come back to this dismal summer we are having!Good luck for all results too.love Alison x

  9. Linnea
    18th July 2008 / 7:22 pm

    Turkey sounds lovely! I went with my family once, but I think it was in the autumn… because it was rainy and cold. I loved the bazars though.. and the people were so friendly. Good times :o) I like your tattoo, too. Good thing it will wash off – maybe, hopefully! Have a great weekend!Linnea

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