Me! Hello :)

My friends cottage garden...

More Happy Loves Rosie style!

A silk flower that I have at home in an arrangement....
this picture turned out better than expected!

The rooftops where Rosie is at college

Norfolk Broads....

Am I seeing things!!! I hope that hedge has passed his driving test! hehehe!

Rochester Castle....Dusk

Turkey.....A beautiful place....xx

Our living room dining room (easter)

I can do pastels....infact a new style coming in the new year!!

I love my buttons!

A room with a view...huh! I won't miss that building work!

This is fantastic! whilst holidaying in my favorite holiday destination...Norfolk!...these four people walked along the beach and all laid down, like this behind us...and never to miss a photo opportunity, I crouched under our CK deckchairs and caught this pic....!

Enjoy...Love Happy x


  1. Great photos, love the last one!
    Yvonne x

  2. HAHA! I think the second Norfolk picture could also be called 'Norfolk Broads'! When are you moving up here.....!?! Go for it! You know you want to!
    I'm having a little giveaway - do pop in! t.x

  3. Looks like 2008 was a good year!

    Can't wait to try your truffle cake. Looks delicious!

    Happy Holidays!


  4. Fabulous photos! thank you for sharing

    Victoria xx

  5. These are really great photos should make some into a calender like Nikki has..I love your style and the way you display everything.
    Thanks for the tag..just feeling a bit low at the mo but I will get round to it (even though I am absolutely THE worst cook in the world and will probably make everyone ill with any of my recipes!) x

  6. Happy - what fantastic snaps. Your living/dining room looks gorgeous, as ever. And those four snoozing lovelies have made my day - what a brill shot. x

  7. Lovely pics.....your style is wonderful!xx

  8. Love the photos, your home looks wonderful at Easter

    Great picture of the people lying down on the beach - I always feel so self concious when I fetch the camera out - will have to carry deckchair around with me !!!



  9. ooooooohhhhh-my-you are 1 very hot women-how are you.....

  10. What a lovely blog, just discovered it today. You're on my favorite list now ;)

  11. Stunning pic's honey, wow.
    Love love love your living/dining room its to die for. "swoon"
    Looking forward to seeing whats new for 2009.
    Love and hugs X x X x X

  12. I enjoyed the pictures. All were wonderful. I especially loved the castle and the one with the boats.
    I am anxious to see your new decor theme, but I will sure miss your red if you are leaving it all behind. I adore RED!!!!

  13. Just love your living room, I am a pink gal but I do love the red and blues you have here. I recently noticed I have a lot of red in my kitchen & I hadn't noticed it. A few years back Country Livng featured these huge paper roses on a pot rack and I purchased a few and they are the best in my coming over to your site.

    Kindredly, Lynne Laura

  14. Hello, just popped by to say hi!
    Hope you have had a fab weekend!?

  15. I'm in love with your blog! You have the cutest look and LOVE the colors...big Cath Kidston fan! I will be a follower from here on out! :D Happy I found you!


  16. Looooovvveee the brunette Hayley! I've only seen you blonde...this suits you so well.


  17. That shot of your lounge looks so lovely ours is so dark being in a sunken part of the house, really snuggly but so hard to get a nice shot of!

  18. I grew up in Rochester :)

  19. I LOVE all of these photos... esp the one of your home shot through the flowerish arrangement. LOVELY!!!!!!!


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