Remembrance Sunday


Flower of the eternal sleep Watching with the ones who weep. You, whose lives, so short in bloom, Saw such bloodshed, death and gloom.

You trembled to the sound of guns Which tore to death beloved sons. You fluttered, died. before your time – Dropped blood red petals in their prime.

Crimson poppies ‘neath the clouds – Short lived, yet colourful and proud; Now worn by humans with such pride Remembering those who bravely died.

You represent young lives cut short – Those who, for freedom, bravely fought. Flower of the eternal sleep – Silently your vigil keep.

by Josie Whitehead. Copyright 2009

This poem, amongst others, you can find on this very talented ladies website…Click on the link below…

Josie Whitehead

God Bless all the families that have been affected by war in our times xx

love Happy xx


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