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Check out this wonderful new blog....Maisie Paisley....she's the latest Coolest chick on the block! :)

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Exactly One month to go......

Make a date....

Yes ladies its the last time to buy fabulous shabby chic homewares in time for Christmas....for tomorrow and Saturday M & M are having their Sale....I have blogged about it here...make sure you go...and don't forget to mention to them where you see the advert!

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Lovely B4 Christmas Pics

A collection of china

Happy Hall Chic


Lots of red...and spotty

Soooo cosy

The Dining Room

Cath and Buttons

Sorry...Max has to be in the pictures somewhere!...he says Hi

The bathroom

Our Cosy Living Room

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Please vote for Diana x

This girl is only 17 and is so different...she has had Laryngitus...but still sang this week...she is sooo QUIRKY and she CAN sing...I have heard that the papers are giving her a hard time...What do they know! (personally I do not buy those kinda papers and I do not buy into all those crabby celebrity magazines) I prefer to have my own opinion....and I am voicing it here...Please lets not keep on churning out the same kinda artist on this programme and vote for someone like Diana - Young quirky and damn good!

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I've been Tagged

Hi girls, I have been tagged by a very talented lady called Cathy at AVALON ROSE she has been a great friend of mine over the years and I feel privileged to be chosen by her for this task (thanks Cathy ;p) These are the rules :-

* Link to the person who tagged you.
* Mention the rules.
* Tell six quirky yet boring, unspectacular details about yourself.

* Tag six other bloggers by linking to them.

* Go to each person’s blog and leave a comment that lets them know they’ve been tagged.

So here goes....

1. I was born a blonde and thought that suited me, until only about 6 months ago, I decided to have my hair dyed brown and now I love it and wished I had had it done years ago!

2. I have conquered my fear of was getting worse as I got older, but I watched a programme on TV about phobias and decided mine was silly compared to others! I have made myself get on them and the more I do it the easier it has got!

3. I am fussy about certain foods! I have a sweet tooth yes! but I don't like pips or bits in anything and I have to have 'Lurpak lighter', I cant stand anything else! and since I found out the side affects of 'aspartame' ...I have given it up in foods altogether!

4. I love funky music, dance music, some drum and base and electronica...I have loved it since the 80's much to my son's disgust! as he never used to like it favoring that nasty shouting rubbish...but now he likes it...he tries to tell me about what he thinks is new tunes, but which I was listening too years before! and he is really shocked when he realises that I already have it on my ITUNES!...but to be fair he has a great taste in music now ;)

5. I like feet! I would like to train oneday to become a reflexologist or a chiropodist. I love having my feet massaged and feel that we should all look after our feet a little more than we do!

6. My dream car is a Hummer...very impractical, but SOOO COOL!....I have wanted one ever since I saw it on Absolutely Fabulous...sad but true!

I am tagging some of my girls from my followers list...thanks girls for adding me - you know who you are :)

Emma from Jellybelly*jellybrain
Jenny from Everyday is a Holiday
Carrie from Carrie Can
Emily from Sugar and meringue
Melissa from Adored before
Niki from Nostalgia at the Stonehouse

Happy tagging girls xx

Remembrance Sunday


Flower of the eternal sleep
Watching with the ones who weep.
You, whose lives, so short in bloom,
Saw such bloodshed, death and gloom.

You trembled to the sound of guns
Which tore to death beloved sons.
You fluttered, died. before your time -
Dropped blood red petals in their prime.

Crimson poppies 'neath the clouds -
Short lived, yet colourful and proud;
Now worn by humans with such pride
Remembering those who bravely died.

You represent young lives cut short -
Those who, for freedom, bravely fought.
Flower of the eternal sleep -
Silently your vigil keep.

by Josie Whitehead. Copyright 2009

This poem, amongst others, you can find on this very talented ladies website...
Click on the link below...

Josie Whitehead

God Bless all the families that have been affected by war in our times xx

love Happy xx

Get Happy's Look....

To get this look I have searched online to bring you the best of what Happy would decorate her house with this year....Enjoy!

Cushion £18.00
Winters tale, long stocking £12.00 each
Glitter raindeer £1.50 each
Padded heart decorations £2.00 each
Berry twig wreath £20.00

Chicago cushion cover £7.00
Paper mache Christmas decorations £3.00
Upside down Christmas Tree £50.00
60 mini edible candy canes £6.00
Wooden house advent calender £25.00

All picked from a huge selection of fabulous Christmas Decorations from John Lewis's Online shop

Love Happy xx

Hello Whitstable

A few months ago on a lovely warm day we had a ride out to Whistable...this is a favourite town of mine - so full of lovely Architecture and wonderful shopping, sprinkled with fantastic fish restuarants...a place definitely worth visiting!

We visited a shop called Frank...I have blogged about this lovely shop is a craft shop that showcases artists from Kent...and there really is so much talent all under this quirky little roof, you always come out of it with something, whether it be a little trinket or some inspiration to make something special yourself.
In true blogging style I happened to have my camera with me and took these pictures....

In the back garden there were these lovely plaques made from driftwood and some weathered bricks... they have been hand painted in these lovely bright colours....Inside there were knitted toys and bunting....perfect for little un's bedrooms!

...and many books with funky styling techniques and craft making ideas....along with more knitted toys.

There is also this lovely knitting shop with a they sell quirky button necklaces and reams of brightly coloured wool...this is a lovely shop...and one very worth wandering into...this one definitely gets your creative juices flowing!

Here we stopped by to buy some vintage bottled lemonade and an ice cream
....the shop owners here are sooo from my clan as they had vintage annuals in the window...exactly the same as mine!

This is a lovely funky little boutique called Polly have to be a size 10 though!

...and here i have taken a picture of part of the High Street...see what i mean....the architecture is beautiful...we have often looked for a place to live here...but where the streets are narrow and the town is full of small fishermans cottages...there is no room for a car...and that has always put us off...which is a shame coz...

Over the last few years it has made a wonderful holiday destination for the rich and famous from London....Janet Street Porter and a few others have made it there home here!...and you can see why eh!

This trip inspired me to get crafty at home....a trip out to a wonderful place like this, is good for dusting out your cobwebs in your brain...sometimes you just need to get out and take in new surroundings...and looking at what other people have created helps you focus on your own ideas and designs....all this lead to me sorting out my buttons and putting together all of these crafts.....eventually!

Where have you been lately that has inspired you?...Please do let us know :)

Love Happy x