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We are still here….just very busy at the moment…We are busy ferrying the kids around to their exams…and interviews, brittany as you know has taken 3 GCSE’S at the age of 14! and recently she has had an interview to start an NVQ in hairdressing in October…Yes ladies, we are in the UK and she is being taught what she wants to learn and is doing really well…You know I am biased!…I hated school myself and am not in favour of sending her to school, even though darryl has sailed through Grammar school it was not for Rosie!…all that bitchiness, peer pressure and now kids carrying knives, where will it all end!Daz has also been successful, he has managed to get himself another job in telesales, it is really building his confidence, and after he finishes his exams, which are going really well, he has been offered a full time job….which will give him some money for some extras for when he starts University in October….so everything is coming up rosy for my lovely bright children…Hope everything is going well for your kids too!Luv Happy x



  1. mollycupcakes
    16th June 2008 / 1:26 pm

    It’s lovely to hear the good news about your fab children, good luck to them both.You must be very proud right now.Hugs.Catherine x

  2. Rabbit Hill Creations
    15th June 2008 / 7:52 pm

    It’s alway nice when your offspring can find what they like to do at a young age…especially when they can do it well. Always love to see whats new on your blog.

  3. Teena
    14th June 2008 / 6:27 pm

    You may be blessed with bright children – but they are equally blessed with parents who have the guts to go DIY on education! Amazing! We have luckily found a nice school for our beautiful boy – not all about ticking boxes – consideration for others and happiness are up there on the list of things to achieve! Hurrah! You don’t find happiness on the list of things kids should have achieved in the mainstream schools! Yet without it what point is there to everything else?! LOVE the new colour scheme! All fresh and summery bright!

  4. Miles Away In France
    14th June 2008 / 8:30 am

    Ahh, what a lovely post, it’s really good to hear some positive news regarding English Teenagers.They sound like lovely kids, you’ve done a great job.Racheal x

  5. Vintage Amethyst
    14th June 2008 / 5:39 am

    Aahhh glad to hear all is going well with your children. Love Alison x

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