Can U C Meeee!

Hhh Hhhh Oh dear I am too near the camera - Hold on a minute......

Whoops - sorry about that.....I thought someone said tickle.....I always roll onto my back when someone says that.... I love a tickle!

.....anyway back to the matter in you like my camera smile....Can you see me!....Yes I have my lovely red number on....I love wearing my clothes, especially in the winter - they keep me all warm and snugly!

Whoops! did someone say chocolate!......wheres the chocolate.....crisps.....! Mum and dad are going out at the weekend....and I heard mum saying that she has got one week to loose 10 stone....! she is going to be seeing people that she hasn't seen for years! I think she has left it rather late for the diet though!!!

shhhh!! I know I DO look stupid dressed up as a cow! but this outfit keeps me soooo warm - I love it, especially when I go for a walk.....its getting rather small for me now though! I bet you have all wondered what has happened to me havn't you - well yes I am still here - OOOh you should've heard the row Mum and dad had last week!....well first I thought they were arguing about me!! but they were saying the 'DOG' word all wrong and I thought for WOOFS sake stop saying 'DOG' wrong - I mean I had only done a little piddle on the carpet!...No need to shout about it all that much! turns out they were arguing about a BLOG! (see two listings back!) tut! tut!...and them all grown up!!!...still I'm on Mums side, after all she is the one who feeds me!...and buys me in all this lovely clothing!

....Just look at me in my snoopy coat, huh! this is the life!....all I do is dress up all day, go for walks and sleep, oh and don't forget EAT....I love eating....I even catch spiders for mum!...she nearly passes out when I do - I can't understand she screams so much when she sees them - I think I am helping her, by eating them for her - I am a terrier you know! WOOF!

PHEW - I didn't think all this modelling and talking was going to ware me out so much!

Don't laugh! yes this is my santa suit!.....everytime I walk along in it though my leg falls out! I prefer to not walk anywhere in this suit....I'd be grateful of all the glasses of beer and biscuits that you kids put out for santa though!

...Here I am in my dungarees, I don't do any decorating in them though as I dont want to get all paint on them!

Oh dear - I am getting very tired....I think....I am going to have a nap now - nite nite.

Sleep tight....zzzzzz!

I made it!

I made this logo for the front of my website but never ended up using it in the end...perhaps I will use it for another part soon - just wanted to share it with will probably see elements of my pictures and postcards in this piece of art.....luv happy ;0) xx

(update - my website is no longer available)

Domesticated Bliss!

Fred and I have recently had a bit of a 'set two' over our blogs - you see up until now we have both not really minded what each other had written seemed Fred likes to write about the house and I get everything that is left....which I have not minded because my life revolves around my family, so I am quite happy to let you in on our lives....well up until now!! You see we have just recently come back from a large town boot fair in France, buying up our old favourite 'french enamel' together! OK so we were spending Fred's birthday money....he received quite a bit from an old aunt that he hadn't seen in years....I wish I had an old aunt like that! (I'll have to start tracing the family tree!)

So we decided to invest it in some old french antiques....or more I should say 'shabby chicness' for our home......and do you know what! before I had even unpacked the cases (OK I did sit down and have a nap!)....HE had arranged everything where HE decided to place it all and took pictures of it and had done a blog before I had even woken up!!!!!! MON DEIU!!!.....I can hear all you fellow bloggers gasping!....I was absolutely DISGUSTED....No discussion about who was going to have each sharing of items that we had chosen....No nothing.....I SULKED....AND SULKED SOME MORE.....How devious!....In fact I almost took his name of the side of my blog - yes it was as bad as that!.....and look what he thought I could take pictures of....he left me this little lot while I was asleep!

Well just as WORLD WAR 4 was going to break out...he removed his blog, so if some of you saw it first and then see it was removed - you were not going mad - I WAS!....anyway after I calmed down we decided to share the pictures and he apologised to being GREEDY and said that he wouldn't do it again....ahhh bless him! I went round the house taking my pics and some of the pics are the same but some are if we have overlapped here I am very sorry - Oh and by the way, if you ever see 'Fredsworld' disappeared from the side of my blog - you know we are not speaking! LOL :0) xx

In the picture above we purchased those green shutters - yes there is one on the opposite side to, they match the dining room beautifully and have plenty of paint falling off....Just perfect!

The pic above shows our rather small galley is on the first floor as is our living room and dining room - as we have views over the it is rather we purchased the shelf and most of the ornaments on it and indeed below it on the mantle piece, Fred had the rather great idea of putting the shelf along the window, as we do feel rather 'on show' in there sometimes being opposite a the shelf adds a little privacy and a talking point!

A close up of a Yummy tin - that I had to have!

....and here we have their matching brothers and sisters....and we are actually using them, which is great....although the 'THE' which means Tea is rather on the small side and you can only fit about fifteen squashed teabags inside this small tin.....I suppose they used to use real tea leaves.....but I am still going to use it as I love this set so much....

.....and would you look at this little lovely! Fred bought this little doll for me, isn't she pretty! and on ski's something which you will never find me doing! I have two left feet!.....Her hair colours nearly the same as mine this week - yes I am 41, but still having bad hair days - but I have actually paid to have it done professionally badly this time!....when I could of easily mucked it up myself for a 10Th of the price....will I ever learn!

We bought this lovely Madeleine sweet tin too - isn't it lovely, OH and also the pretty little dress underneath....sooooo sweet!

...Fred spotted this lovely cutout 1950's paper you think he's telling me something! and its lying next to another pretty flower enamel bowl - I love them....I just can't get enough of them - I think I have quite a few in my collection now and apparently its the floral bowls that are becoming more collectable, because there are so many copies made now of the spotty and the check bowls and tins. So there you have it....of course we bought other antiquities....I bought many french I will be showing them to you soon - so keep watching - I just wanted to post to you all some lovely eye candy asap! - bye for now - luv Happy xx

Spot the difference!

Hi girls - can you spot the difference in this picture compared to the Article on 'The Hall'...we have made three changes - one is major and others not so major - can you find them?....Just a bit of fun!

Well Done Rosie!

Hello gals, sorry I havn't posted for a while but alot has been going on, here in blighty!....I know roll your eyes!....but honestly we have been very busy and I will reveal all shortly....

But I must first let you know about our daughter Rosie.....The flowers are for her actually - gorgeous I know just like her, they have been taken from an old french postcard that I picked up in one of the brocantes that we have visited recently and I am dedicating them to her because, she has recently started college! she is only 14 years old and as you know we do not send her to school! Now a lot of you English lassies will probably not realise that actually school is NOT compulsory! and you can teach them at home, yourself!

The government do not advertise this though! If they did I am sure they would loose far more kids to home education and that is what they are afraid off! We have been getting about 5 parents a week here in Kent join our group 'Education Otherwise'.....which is hardly surprising when you think that you send your child to school for 6 hours a day and all the actual learning time they get is on average 2 hours per day and that is if all the children are behaving!....class disruptions count for so much.....and what with the peer pressure, the bullying and the pressure to fit in - we decided to educate her at home with us - she has been having a whale of a time at home, she could run a business standing on her head and has learnt photoshop - and paste up artistry, we go to museums and have holidays when we want and its great!
Rosie & Mum 2006
This year though we felt we were drifting - and after checking out what she would need to get into KIAD a local Fashion and Design college in our area, we realized she was going to need 3 GCSE's so rather than send her back to school (no way!) we found out through a friend that a college in sidcup was running a pilot scheme for home educated children to study along with the adults. The headmaster of this College is so interested in home schooled children and realized that they were far more advanced and adult like than school educated children, he has made sure they could all study the subjects that they wanted to.....

So she now on a Tuesday is dropped of a 9am and studies English until lunchtime, Art until dinner time and IT until 7.30 in the evening, yes a very full day...they give her plenty of homework to do through the week so she is more focused and of course we help her. It is a very tiring day for her, but these courses only take 6 months so by next May she could have 3 GCSE's at 14 years you see there are alternatives out there - and the best thing about it is.....she is with us through the week....she socializes plenty - we make sure of that, but she has no peer pressure:)
So as I was saying these flowers are for wish her GOOD LUCK and WELL DONE, she is taking it all in her stride and I am very proud of her......

- Luv Mum xxxxxx