What an Inspiration!

Well what do you know, there I was minding my own business, when suddenly I found myself on my son Darryls MYSPACE page (not being nosey!) I had to read it and I was soo pleasantly surprised - you see he had been going through a rather bad patch - Adolescence! and I was beginning to wonder whether it was ever going to end, to be quite honest....Well we have got to the other side, as he has finally got himself a job! Given up WOW (World of Warcraft - its an online game that seems to have teenage boys hooked!) and finally decided what he wants to do when he leaves the 6th form.

It seems to of all turned out tickety boo - thank goodness! anyway he has always been good at English, he finds it very easy to put words into sentances, and to my surprise rather than finding a 'horrible' MYSPACE page, it was rather lovely, yes, he had nice dance music playing (my influence there - I'll definately be the oldest swinger in town! although I had better be careful about that word these days - eh!) and he had written this about himself which makes me think that he will definately go far - what do you think - here goes :-

"My name is darryl
I'm going to try and explain a few things that i have done, think, and would like to do.
this may take a while so bare with me.
Firstly, appearances are decieving, i have learnt this all too well over the years,
and despite my awareness of it, i still conform judgements to the rules that contradict it.
I do judge books by their cover, thats just human instinct,
in which case i render my next point futile, however, i will still make it.
Don't judge me by what you see, the outside is a combination of effort / lack of effort
( depending on the mood i am at the time )
and unneccesary vanity, a virtue which i can at least admit, and am not in denial about,
unlike a vast majority of society.
I do very little, and i'm not particularly proud of it,
i am currently unemployed and am often classed as a "geek".
i have very few what i would call friends, apart from the obvious exceptions,
i am generally friendly to each person i meet, but my general opinion may differ.
This is construed as being "two faced" or "bitchy"
but each person has a varying number of aspects of their personality they can unleash at different times,
and if you do not like a specific part of it, then i am not fussed with your company.
solitude is often the path in life that gives the highest rewards.
Other people inspire trust, belief, hope and fate.
These are all theories which rely too heavily on chance, and cannot be changed, affected, by oneself.
I have loved, lusted, admired, and fealt jealousy, with the ominous feeling of infinity draped around my shoulders.
Infinity is an incomprehensible concept,
however our subconcious deals with it everyday,
each emotion feels final, or as if it means everything,
we allow our mind to become too full with thoughts, thus generating such a response.
This is simply not true.
I am almost 18, and there are a number of things i am yet to experience,
henceforth my own opinion of my outlook should be slightly more uplifting.
"I'm always Happy!"
"Im so depressed"
each statement is as damning as each other,
through want of each for attention you gain neither,
other than a overwhelming sense of self pity and projection that is simply null and void.
your self perception is a startlingly different idea to that which people have of you.
the faster you learn that, the better it is.
people are selfish creatures, who may do things that appear good natured,
and well planned, but are following basic codes that reappear in all aspects of life and nature.
being accepted, fitting in,
these are things that so many people strive for,
if inadvertently by acts of good will, which acheive this goal in the end afterall.
i am at a loss i fear.
realisation of my own faults only reveals others in a plainer light,
and my relationships with people, friends,
has taught me a valuable lesson.
of the amount of trust that can be lavished upon someone without advantage being taken.
i sincerely hope that throughout life you take most oppurtunities to be happy,
and pursue it each day.
just remember that the people around you do not make you who you are,
you choose who you are around those people."
Written by Darryl Harris Aged 17 years.

As you can imagine, I am so proud to call him my son, he is so talented - I had tears in my eyes....he has definately gone on a long journey through adolescence and come out the other side, a wonderful young man...and I am so proud and love him very much.

I thought I would share this with you all - just incase there is any of you going through a bad patch with your kids, it does all end and they do turn out just fine - trust me - with a little nurture and guidance....it all turns out fine in the end.

Luv happy xx

Hi gals

Hi gals, now rather than sit here all day and trying to do something that I can't do, (because I have tried over and over!) I have decided to ask all of you fabulous bloggers, if you can help me, you see I have decided today to do some work, but have started to side track into finding out how to put a third column into my minima blog template.....AGAIN! as I can't do it myself - yes I have admitted to defeat!....which is VERY unusual for me!

So please can anyone HELP! - anyone that has successfully done this please, I need your knowledge......and what i'll do is get on with my work today and then when I check back - hopefully one of you would have told me what to do, and I wouldn't of wasted any time - what do you think? Good idea or what!!!!!!

Right I am going to start work now! Yes I really am......I am! I definately am!.....I am going to start now!.....No distractions please - of course, only if you know how I can add a third column to my blog! Isn't it frustrating when you can't do something!


Thanks a bunch gals - speak to you soon - luv happy @/*-*\@ xx

Update - girls if you want a third column in your blog, ask this lady - Cathy at The Avalon Rose Collection...she is fabulous with this kinda thing and a great friend of mine :) let her know I sent you - Love Happy xx

Should I be cleaning!

Hi folks - sorry I haven't posted for a bit, you see I think I am ill!....Yes ill!!!!! Now most of you know by now that I am a self confessed perfectionista/procrastinator, well lately I have been at my worst....I can't focus on anything. This morning I got up at 6.30 am ready to start the housework, but all I done was surf the net, change my blog a few times (not sure if I liked it!) so I changed it all back again! and I wasn't supposed to be doing that at all!

I then started to try to design a new template, but didnt like it so I scrapped it.....still not starting work, I decided to try to put a third column into my blog only to mess it all up and loose everything!......lucky I had downloaded a copy!

By this time it was 2.30pm and I still hadn't started any work, I haven't listed into my new website (sorry if you are waiting!) and I have neglected ebay....although I have been sitting in my office, with my backside growing into the shape of my chair, a definate lack of excercise...although my fingers are very thin!

Oh yes, this IS looking rather like me at the moment!

I have been in this mood for several weeks now.....I get all excited about working and then I sit in front of the computer and get side tracked into doing things that Iwant to do but can't!.....I have been trying for months now to try to learn HTML coding, but I am getting too old I think, because I just can't get the hang of it....I can do lovely pictures in photoshop, but unless you know the code, there is no way you can make a business out of it.....so I think to-day I have got to decide, that I am just too old and must resign from thinking that I can! and leave it to the experts from now on.

...Its the creative side of me that wants to do it though, but I have wasted so much time trying to do it......does anyone out there get my drift!

We'll its now 20.39 I think my computer clock is WRONG.....surely it can't be 8.39pm, I mean I got up early especially to get everything done.....why oh why is it 8.39pm!!....I have got to pick Darryl up from work at 9pm (I bet I'm late!)

Anyway off I go again day-dreaming instead of getting on with what I am supposed to be doing!
aaaahhhhh! sigh!.....I think I had better get up even earlier tomorrow!

Speak to you again soon, when I am more focussed - byeeeeeee xx

The Hall....

....Its like what came first.....The chicken or the egg!! These rose prints are all so similar, I thought that my new Cath Kidston holdall would look fantastic amoungst my bits and pieces in the hall...and the more you look, the more you think, who's copying who! I will always hanker after red and pink roses on a turquoise/duck egg background, so I don't really care....but it does make you wonder, doesn't it! The sleeveless blouse is not an old vintage one, but a Laura Ashley from about 5 years ago....and the enamel plate, well, we collect those and have several, we often pick those up in France....but thats another story - I'll tell you about that soon!

I love decorating a wall with a coat rack, I love plain walls and then I love to decorate the wall with the bits and pieces that I collect. I can't resist a vintage dress or a vintage bag...what could be better!

bye for now - Luv happy @/*-*\@ xx